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Goose: 15pc Funk Soul Band - Sun 8th May

Discussion in 'VIC' started by glipschitz, Mar 11, 2005.

  1. Well one of my favourite local acts, Goose have just released their new tour dates and are playing at the Esplanade in St Kilda on Sunday 8th May.

    Tickets are $15 on the door or $10 + booking fee. Book thru the Espy http://www.theesplanadehotel.com.au/

    Sample of Goose Here

    Depending on interest, I will book tickets as a group, please let me know if you're interested.



    People Coming
    Thundercat + 4
  2. Was discussing this with Mrs Nodz, might like to go but will let you know a little closer to the day. Not too close to the day tho', so you've still got time to get tickets.
  3. Hey Greg

    Count me in. I am currently listening to a copy of their CD that Boogieman leant me. Very cool!!!
  4. Man he was quick getting that to you seeing he only got it last night!

    If anyone else wants a listen of their CD, just let me know.

  5. Can probably count myself and Titania in too, will let you now soonish. Having a listen to Amnesia and they sound great, a bit like Ingognito which is a favourite of mine.
  6. Howdy Yall,

    Just about to book tix for these guys, does anyone else want me to pre order for them.

    Please post your name by COB Thursday and i'll order them or give me a tinkle on the mobile 0403 049 749.


  7. Hey Greg

    Can you order me 5 tickets? Let me know when you want the folding stuff

  8. thank you, thank you.

    I never realised I had such a following :p
  9. I'd love to order ahead but with friends as reliable as mine I'll prob just turn up on the night :(
  10. I'm heading down to the Espy today to purchase tix as they have just been released. If anyone else is planning on coming and would like me to grab tix for them, please buzz me on the mobile. 0403 049 749.


  11. Well the tix are all organised... 15 are all aside at the door for us :)

    Gotta love having contacts in the band :)

    So there we go ... tix all sorted :)

    Band on stage at 8.30 - 9.30 and 10 - 11ish :)

    Should be an awsome night :)

    If anyone still wants to come let me know and ill get more put aside.


  12. Thanks Greg,

    You are a legend!! Looking forward to it!

  13. Bloody Mothers day, disappointed I'll miss this :(
  14. Easy,

    Bring your mothers along to the gig :)

  15. Elevator music!!

    Way to go
  16. Elevator music...Very far from it ....

    I suggest you listen to their track .... Here

  17. i did, and thats where my comment came from.

    Everyones style of music is different as is our bikes.

    It was just my turn to stir the pot.

  18. Fair enough.....

    I still remember when I was doing some work for Austereo.... the argument was always which station was to be played in the lift..... Triple M or Fox.....

  19. Hi Ya'll

    Just a reminder doors open at 7.30... I'll be there from around 8ish.

    Call me on the mobile... ill prolly wait out the front until most people arrive.

    0403 049 749