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Gooooooood Riddance L Plates!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by MelbourneMick, Jun 26, 2011.

  1. yes that ugly little yellow plate the never colour matched my bike has gone!

    I passed my test this afternoon.

    Can't get the dumb grin of my face,
  2. :woot:
    One year and you'll be able to ride a 'Busa!
  3. Good feeling isnt it? Congrats mate!
  4. Awsome work, Well done...
  5. congrats! imagine the smile when there's NO plate ;) you'll be a happy camper :D
  6. Congrats mate. I passed mine yesterday also. Found the test much easier than the L's (though that's not saying much). Full car license, no plates ftw
  7. There is a big difference between able to and want to.

    Congrats on being rid of the L plate Mick.
  8. Well done Mick and Cam - nice work :)

  9. Congratulations to you both.

    I'm supposed to be going for mine next Sunday, but I might try to move it forward to a weekday (if I can get time off). Sunday it's supposed to rain.
  10. i still have a green plate hanging off the back, but well done! no restrictions soon enough! :)
  11. Congrats! I hope to get away with mine soon as well!
  12. well I don't have to show a plate anymore but there are still the restrictions. But yes the future is looking bright !

    I found the same thing but i was pretty much fresh meat when it came to getting my L's. Cheers

    I prefer the look of the GSXR's but let's not get ahead of myself haha

    Thanks mate

    I did my first 4 hours of my L's in the pissing rain and have been forever greatful for it. Was a brilliant confidence boost,.
  13. crazy thought isn't it hahaha
  14. well, no plate sure is awesome :D

    1 more year... sing it with me! 1 more year, 1 more year... ;)
  15. I remember when I got rid of my L's, not that long ago. 2 or so months off restrictions and I still haven't upgraded.
  16. well it shouldn't take too long if it goes as quickly as the last 3 months has!!

    I am happy with the GS500F. it is way I got that instead of a 250cc so I didn't get too eager to upgrade after a few months of riding.
  17. Ah, it goes much...MUCH slower then you can possibly imagine.


    I can't believe I still have a few months to go, slowest year of my life.
  18. The gs500f will serve it's purpose well...
    Took mine to Sydney returning via cost, Far riders ride (1000k withing 24hrs), Snowy ride (over 2500k over 4 days), good economy, it's great around town, and one of the best bikes with it's simplicity to get your hands dirty on as far as self mainting...

    This little bike will do well in filling that bag of experience in the next 12 months.

  19. Did you make the mistake of setting your sights on a bike straight away? i reckon that would make it drag
  20. That's great to hear Joe. I did a fair bit of looking around before choosing the GS500F but it does everything i need. Always good to hear anecdotal evidence from someone who has been there and done it like yourself! cheers