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Googles in the rain

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by dan, Jun 5, 2006.

  1. I've used goggles before in the rain, and I reckon a visor is heaps better - for starters, you have a dry face. Secondly if a visor fogs while stationary, you can lift it a few mm to let more air in and clear it up. Visors are just easier IMO.

    There is probably some truth in the statement that you can see better in the rain with goggles though, and if you are an open face helmet user, sounds like goggles are the go.
  2. funny you bought this up Jaq !
    I was playing with my Scott goggles last night in anticipation for todays rain.

    With my all black attire, it makes me look like a Spec Ops commando kind of dude ! :cool:
  3. GOOGLES in the rain??

    Why is your PC outside??
  4. Rainex on the outside of visors does wonders. Rain beads and runs straight off at speed. And use a visor insert on the inside (rainex no more fog is useless on visors) to prevent fogging.
  5. yes, goggles are heaps better. I got a pair of speedo goggles, and even when it's torrential and you get completely submerged in floods you can still see! they're fantastic!

    I use the spit and polish technique as I'm sure a few of you guys swear by it too. :wink:
  6. That's interesting - I did some dirt riding yesterday and I found visibility became a real problem in the small bit of sleety rain we had. We had pretty old gear though, perhaps the newer stuff does a better job.

    I still don't think I'd go road riding in a MX helmet in the rain - the dry face thing is pretty important in the sort of cold we've had lately.
  7. Ah, PtF, you've done it again! :LOL:
  8. thats what i love about it.
    its all weather work.
  9. RE: You will not get any wetter wearing a motocross helmet in the rain, if you wear the correct goggles, and also (as I mentinoed above) the nose insert that attaches to the goggles.

    You can also tape over the chin plate slots in the MX helmet to stop the wind and the rain entering.

    My SCOTT goggles fit perfectly inside an M2R MX Helmet, you slide the goggles in and postion the nose piece and it's an almost airtight fit.
    Because the goggles hug my face I find them warmer than riding in a full face helmet in the cold.

    Different styles of manufacturers goggles will fit either better or worse depending on the particular helmet, it's best to try them on together, rather than guessing.
  10. In America last year I used a pair of gloss black framed, SCOTT VTX goggles, inserted dark blue tinted lenses, attached black nose piece.

    Wore with a dark green/brown/black camo patterned MX helmet (M2R).
    Removed the peak, put the black screws back in the visor peak holes.

    Now remember that a lot of Yanks don't wear a helmet at all.
    Here's me pulling up next to cars on a black cruiser, with a Special Ops looking helmet and alien looking goggles, not one part of my face showed, many drivers, especially female, often jerked in total surprise, was well funny.
    I made damn sure I took the helmet and goggles off when entering servo's and stores, itchy trigger fingers could have been a problem.

    So yeah, I've got to say I love the Spec Ops look myself mate. :LOL: :LOL:
  11. When trail ridding i normaly swap my goggles for a pair of clear or yellow safty glasses when it's cold and wet, i guess they would work the same on the road.
  12. I reckon a helmet like this would be tops. Especially if you were going to do a bit of touring that would include dirt roads. It would allow you to swap the shield for goggles and then back again. I think the look HOT in the Aluminium silver aswell, which is the first coluor from the choices. I am considering one of these helmets when i upgrade in 6 months time.


    Click on the XD(dc) helmets, they are the ones i am referring too.

  13. Josh...That's the Arai copy of an old Nolan design called a Jet-Wing. Lazer also made a similar one.
    Was very popular for adventure tourers, so of course Nolan discontinued it. (I still have my old one.)

    The original Nolan and Lazer was about $200.

    The Arai you are looking at are the same as the one's worn by Ewan and Charlie in the Long Way Round DVD.
    They retail here for about $800.
    In Sydney shops anyway.
    I won't pay that for a helmet myself.
    But I am sure they are good quality.
  14. How did you find them as a helmet (the original ones that is). Was there anything you found particularily annoying or bad about them??
  15. 2,000 posts, Josh ( :wink: )
  16. YAY!
  17. Josh...Re the Arai; That style is great, best of both worlds, road and MX, just make sure that there is plenty air geting between the peak and the top of the helmet, to let air thru.

    Otherwise the peak catches the air at speed and A: Buffets your head around and B: Causes a great deal of tension in your neck muscles.

    On mine you could remove the visor and use goggles. Remove the peak and use as a normal road helmet.
    Mine was designed well enough that I could ride all day with the helmet as it was.
    It was the helmet I used to ride with in Europe in 94, and it was often WINDY with a capital W.
    But I never needed to remove the peak.
  18. I'll give everyone a demo of wearing my SCOTT ski goggles with my helmet tomorrow night !

    Woohoo, my rain riding fogging issues has been solved ! :grin: