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Google's Driverless Cars Capable of Exceeding Speed Limit

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by cjvfr, Aug 20, 2014.

  1. Google Engineers have determined that in some circumstances exceeding the speed limit is a safer option. The algorithms for Autonomous vehicles will allow speeding.

    Google's self-driving cars are programmed to exceed speed limits by up to 10mph (16km/h), according to the project's lead software engineer.

    Dmitri Dolgov told Reuters that when surrounding vehicles were breaking the speed limit, going more slowly could actually present a danger, and the Google car would accelerate to keep up.

    BBC News (Technology)
  2. Tell it to the judge, Robby.
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  3. What I want to know is if they'll teach the hideous monstrosities to accelerate out of danger or into a safer position.
  4. Sweet, now how can I get a google bot to sign this stat dec?
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  5. ... Not that I disagree but I'd love to know where they found evidence that speeding is safer.
  6. Probably identified the problem in their simulations and found speeding up was the fix.
  7. The term "speeding" is a relative word. In oz 125kph is "speeding" and is "dangerous" according to the wankers running our country, because its too fast. On foreign autobahns 125kph is also " dangerous" because its too slow.
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  8. Passing?
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  9. if u think about it and i know no one here speeds but suppose u did speed u are paying more attention when speeding thats been proven on the autoban than when u drive at mundane speeds and start eating and texing cause your bored or see how far u can driving with your feet cheers bazz
  10. Uh, I assume the google car pays the same amount of attention, regardless of what speed it is travelling, so they probably wouldn't have factored eating into their research ;).

    Edit - maybe the google car could send more texts at lower speed though.