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Google's done it again - amazing stuff!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Loz, May 30, 2007.

  1. New street view feature

    This is awesome, it lets you virtually walk around major US cities and look around 360 degrees. So you can type in an address, and virtually stand outside it and walk up and down the street. Google=ninja.

  2. Thats awesome, I've always wanted to see how big B&H Photo & Video was. Heard it was fairly large department store, now with google, I know how big it looks from the front.

    Thumbs up to Sergy Brin :grin:
  3. Parsons are doing construction work on West 13th street :eek: just what i needed to know :LOL:

    cool site. i'll never pick my knickers out of my bum again in public.... you never know who might be watching from somewhere in russia :?

  4. eeewwwww, knickers :shock:

    such an over rated piece of unnecessary clothing :p
  5. wow... you just saved me a 3g in flights across :LOL: now wonder how long it will take to walk the streets of new york..... :p
  6. as amazing this technology is...

    its kinda " big brotherish"

    now.. anyone can check out anything with out being there...

    think of a few possible consequences..or uses by the wrong people..
  7. Yeah but theres still nuttin like a New Yorker in that cheese ball accent looking at you with that head tilt, shaking the hand and saying "Guday Auszie" :roll:
  8. i'm with u there - but it is nice to be able to show people how it looked from the ground from when i was over there....
  9. How much of your monthly download allowance will it use. Google Earth is pretty heavy if you give it a hammering and I know I've been asked to justify using it at work and it looks like I'm getting a legit licence to use it.
  10. Lol, pretty cool.

    Typical america though, that I just picked a random street in New York and happen to 'land' facing a McDonalds store!
  11. cool site but i just wasted 1 hour cruising the streets of las vegs new york and miami :LOL: :LOL:
  12. Yeah this is going to be fun. Already I have been linked to to a guy having a piss on the side of a road and another guy coming out of a strip club plus the other ones as posted above.

    And I'm sure there will be more to follow
  13. I remember reading about this in the newspaper, all about invasion of privacy etc and I actually agree. Google have gone too far with this one.
  14. If you find yourself on Google Street View and you want out, you email them and they'll pixellate you out of the picture.