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Google+ - who's on?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by akaluke, Jul 26, 2011.

  1. Anyone out there started playing with Google+ (Google Plus)?

    I've had a few plays...uploaded some photos, created a few circles, followed William Shatner, created a couple of Sparks and installed the iPhone app.

    • I like the interface, so much cleaner than Facebook.
    • I like the circles concept and how privacy can be tied to circles. It's similar to Facebook groups.
    • The photo album integration with Picasa seems to work well. There's some problems with how it displays low-res photos on large screens.
    • Oh - and there's no crap (yet).
    • Haven't played with Hangouts yet.

    The real test will be when some of my friends get on board :p. At the moment, my feed is very empty.

    I know there's a vocal anti-Facebook group here. I suspect they also be anti-Google Plus :)


    Using Google+?
    Will Google+ be the Facebook killer?
  2. send us an invite mate?
  3. You'll need to create a Google Profile if you haven't already got one.

    Anyway - PM me your email address.

    I'd recommend a permanent GMail address. It just integrates better.
  4. Fail for now.

  5. Been on for a week I quite like the way it mixes the twitter and Facebook motifs... and no stupid games.
  6. I'm a bit reluctant to get on it actually. After the dumped Wave the way they did...
  7. looks like i got in just in time
    thanks akaluke
  8. Have read about it and along with the overall feel of it the circles concept does sound appealing but, like the greater proportion of the unwashed, I'm sans invite and by the sounds of it will remain so until they open it up even a little bit more.

    If anyone does have an invite going free I'm not too ashamed to jump on it like, well, the fat kid I am on cake lmao
  9. PM me your email address.
    Same goes for anyone.

  10. Happy to send out invites if needed. Just PM your email. I’ve been on for about a week and a half. It’s pretty quiet in there at the moment seeing as it’s still in beta, but we’ll see how it pans out once it’s opened up properly
  11. thanks. in now.
  12. I suspect there's a lot of stuff that's still to come.

    I'm missing some sort of 'event manager'. It'll probably integrate with Google Calendar.

    Business and Fan pages are in the works.
  13. so... now what....?
  14. that's it :p
  15. I've signed up for it, but since I have no friends using it I haven't really got to experience it. It's very..white though.

    Anyone feel like friending me, email is joshatrex@gmail.com !
  16. I've got it... I'm liking it... And there's an addon (i'll post it up later when Im home) that allows your fb feed to integrate into your G+ page. Saves logging into FB basically :)