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google streetview vehicle

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by nibor, Jun 16, 2009.

  1. always wondered what it looked like!
    stumbled across a non-blanked out image of it while planning a route :grin:


    thats the rear btw, think its on a ute with tray lid or something, or maybe 4wd. not a sedan lol
  2. nah think its a wagon or hatch

    saw them driving around sydney with astras with the big pole on the roof with the camera.. google stickers on the side
  3. Came across one last year .. was a small 4wd wagon.
  4. They use a heap of different cars for it depending on the location, I have seen the fisheye lens tripod setup they use on top of vw beatles, mondeo's and 380's here in Queensland.
  5. I've seen a picture of a current-model Holden Astra wagon......
  6. There was one in Collingwood a while back. It was an Astra/Corollla/One of those crappy hatchbacks with a rig on the roof. Had several digital SLR's mounted pointing in different directions which were wired to a computer in the rear seat.
  7. Crossing Flinders Lane on Swaston St. An ALL blacked out car (like an Dodge Caliber SXT or something), was sitting at the lights. With multi aerials (small) & a black bubble on top, like the cameras you see on shop ceilings.
    So I stopped in front of it for a while, checking it out & then took a picture of it. (don't have pic anymore, doh!) They sat there through a traffic light change. Bit sus.
  8. That is a bit suss, given all google cars were clearly marked. At least the ones I saw.

    Might have been some diplomats car or security detail :p

  9. That's not a google car it would be more a security vehicle for some visiting polly.
  10. ... or smee on his way to work :p
  11. i saw what thought was a google street view car once, it was a white toyota prius with a trailer, and a camera mounted on a pole on the trailer.

    was riding at the time so didnt get a good look.
  12. I saw a guy walking along with a camera one day and a car drove past.

    Bit suss if you ask me.

  13. Would be hard to fit all that on my bike Paully :)
  14. Indeed, even generous BMW panniers and top-box would struggle with that pile of hardware....
  15. that astra looks like a rental with roof racks LOL

    That dodge with the dome on the roof definitely sounds suss.......
  16. Pro Pilot would know what it was.
  17. Diplomat/polly car. Hmmm! It was in a clear Lane (street), no other cars.

    Seriously, if I see another one stopped somewhere, I'm gonna knock on the door, if no reply, I'll do a slow crawl up on the front bonnet & tap on the windscreen. Should get some great photos from that. What ya reckon? :wink:

    When I googled my family house in Brissie, you can see the shadow of the camera car. I'll try link a pic. Don't want to give folks privacy away, so may not be able to get a still shot. Any ideas how to do that/if possible. :?: