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Google Streetview + Law enforcement?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Donuts, Aug 24, 2009.

  1. Hi all,

    I've been playing with streetview lately for something I'm working on, and during a test-run along the Great Ocean Road the ute they follow breaks or completely disregards the double lines repeatedly for over 10 KM that he is followed for.

    Do you think there is any chance the police (Victoria, in this case) would ever use this kind of thing to charge drivers? I have serious doubts, but is there anyway to raise the question with them?

    Regardless, I thought I'd show you all a few examples of what I'm talking about - always good to remember to stay vigilant on roads like this...

    http://i29.tinypic.com/34zee8l.jpg < Passing some cyclists in the middle of the road
    http://i26.tinypic.com/eagvfc.jpg < Car getting out of the way
    http://i27.tinypic.com/huoorr.jpg < Middle of road for no reason

    They're not huge breaches but he continues to do it over and over for the entire trip :evil: . Thoughts?
  2. I don't know even if with the plate they can take action despite the photo's as i think they have a time limit on issuing a ticket for a traffic offence, i know in NSW a rider went to the police station on there request and filed a report on a accident from 5 months before and was then told by the policeman if he had just stalled them a few more weeks they couldn't take action. EDIT, this thread https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=64944&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=0
    So alot would depend on the dates the google photo's were taken, and street view has been running a while now
  3. I think in Vic there is a 12 month statute of limitations on issuing traffic infringements and in NSW it is 6 months. I know the NSW one as I did not get booked. I put a report in a few days short of 6 months, but they have to issue the fine within 6 months. The key word is issue.
    I'm wondering if I'm now on a Highway Patrol hit-list?
  4. Cheers for the responses guys - I read your thread krabi, good to hear you didn't get booked mate - damn roos! :wink:

    Do you know if they'd accept footage recorded on a video camera? I'm curious because imagine how many nufties we could get off the road if we mounted some cams on our bike - I'm talking about the mobile phone idiots, non indicating idiots, double line crossers, etc...
  5. Video evidence such as this would be admissable in a court.
    You would have to "swear" to it's authenticity to have it admitted.
  6. Tramp is correct, though you would preferably need to have the maker of the video give evidence, particularly as to the date it was taken. In Vic the 12 month statute of limitations is correct for summary offences and charges must be laid (not penalty notices given!) within those 12 months. I did note that the photo of the ute in the middle of the road shows a single white line (no offence for that) and the one where he is passing the cyclists shows one cyclist makes it impossible to pass without going over the double lines. That leaves some room for legal argument.

    Video evidence is used in courts all the time and is VERY compelling evidence. With modern technology it is now cheap and readily available, most pubs and clubs have video of some kind (often now as part of a licence condition) and many Police vehicles (usually TMU that work one up) also have on board video cameras. If you get pulled up by one be careful what you say and do, it may all be on video!
  7. Thanks for the info - would the police actually TAKE it to court though? Like, if you showed someones plate, pulled up alongside them and looked in to see them on their phone, is that something the police would bother with? Or unlikely? (same question applies for double lines and other things)

    Dave - the guy in the ute crosses both types of lines in over 100 of the images, most of which there are no obstructions, he's just cutting corners wide. The images would be far too out of date for the 12 month limitation, though :(.
  8. Wasn't there a guy in Canberra who got done recently for speeding after posting it on You Tube?
  9. Yep, but that was because he admitted to it when they knocked on his door. Wattadoofus.
  10. You're allowed to go over double whites to go around an obstacle, up 1.5 or 2 metres is the condition though if I remember correctly. You are supposed to use indicators though, but hey the pic could be between blink cycles :LOL:

    Even if the pics could be used as evidence, its not clear if theres an obstacle legimising crossing the lines.
  11. How would you be taking a nice quick (legal) and safe line around those bends on your bike staying within your own lane and coming across that moron then! Once it is over 12 months it is too late, though this guy probably deserves it!

    Youtube videos have been used a few times to convict riders and drivers, including in Victoria. Dating the video is essential but when the number plates of other vehicles can be clearly seen it does not take a lot of work for police to track down the drivers of those other vehicles and speak to them to see what they remember!

    Before you know it there are a dozen witnesses giving evidence about the maniac on the bike/car, some of whom will remember the date and some even the rego number! Police will take these to court but usually for more serious offences and where there is corroborative evidence.
  12. Exactly, that's why it bothers me so much - basically I've made a little 'video' of the Great Ocean Road using street view footage, and am going to do some other nice roads too, but following this guy all the is frustrating, especially since I am basically doing it to show some mates who ride since we're going to do it one day.

    There are literally about one hundreds images in which this guy is on top of or well over the double lines - I have just shown a few, if I were to go to the police I'd obviously grab as many as I could :)
  13. You must be kidding. In those photos there's no blind corner, he can see there's nobody coming, why would you care if he crossed the line?

    Bloody dibber dobbers. :evil:
  14. He takes the entire road like that Loz (corner or not), I'll upload some more pictures when I get home.
  15. So seeing you've just admited to a breach of Googles Copyright

    are you now awaiting the knock on the door.

  16. I haven't, it would come under fair use, especially since I have not released it or anything.
    If it wasn't fair use, http://www.flickr.com/photos/joelaz/3385607140/ would be gone a long time ago :) .

    I'm not going to post any more pics, it's too hard to go through and get the good ones and there's no decent upload site to upload the zip/rar too :(
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  18. Not long ago some idiot in Geelong posted a video of himself doing a burnout on a public road on YouTube with his number plate clearly visible.... got his car impounded. :LOL:
  19. The section of the Copyright Act (s40) you are looking for deals with "fair dealing", and ususally applies to use for research, journalism, reviews etc.
    It could conceivably be applied here, especially since the video footage involved is to be used for non commercial purposes.
    Probably better for your purposes would be s111, which deals with home copying of sound / video recordings for personal use.
    (This is what makes Tivo's and other recorders legal).

    The other interesting point is that YOU own copyright in the compliation tape you created.

    Sorry, got me started in my favourite subject.... sad really.