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Google Maps 2008 Fatality Map for Victoria

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by [FLUX], Jan 21, 2009.

  1. Here It Is

    A really excellent way to get an overall picture on the road toll in Victoria.
  2. Well, that does it.

    With 20 motorcycle fatalities and 39!! pedestrian fatalities, I'm calling for a the banning of feet!
  3. thats a great idea, gives a really good spatial indication of the hotspots.

    (on a side note, not one single bike fatality in the yarra ranges or anywhere around the fun local roads out my way, good too see :)(unless cambarville is part of it, then only one))

    where did you find this stew?
  4. Great Find mate !
  5. That's a good point, it doesn't have the Fernshaw fatality that sparked the covert operations up there.
  6. Good post FLUX.

    With more pedstrian deaths than bike deaths, watch for the governments kneejerk reaction of speed cameras on footpaths to catch speeding pedestrians lol
  7. I thought one of the more tragic ones was the death on the Geelong Rd.

    Someone's surfboard had fallen off their car, and the guy was retrieving it when an emergency response vehicle pulled up, and then reversed over the guy, killing him.

    I would say that this forms a large part of their continued crack-downs on jay-walking in the inner city. Somewhat interesting though as there were no pedestrian fatalities within 10kms of in the inner city region for all of 2008.

    It would appear clear from the map that many enforcement efforts are generally targetting areas where revenue for "enforcement" will naturally be at its highest, not necessarily where danger is at its greatest.

    Am confused that yet again the "fatality" that supposedly prompted the covert operations on the Black Spur, and the reduction in the speed limit there, in early 2008, is not shown on the map. Did the guy actually die then?
  8. Just doing a little bit of research, very vague but still... compare us with somewhere like Germany that has a population of over 82million, higher speed limits and less draconian speed enforcement and they had about 4800 road deaths last year vs us with a population of only 21million, lower speed limits, ridiculously draconian speed enforcement and had 1454 deaths. Works out to One death per 17,160 people in Germany vs one death per 14,447 people here. Disparity anyone? A country with four times the population on the roads in an area the size of about NSW, driving faster but less deaths per population.
  9. Some aren't a surprise - one in Ballarat reads:
    "At about 2am a 24 year old male pedestrian laying on the road was hit by a vehicle".
    And that's not the first drunk passed out on the road to be run over in the area.
  10. Just looking at number of vehicles and amount of roads etc to compare atm Not as much difference in road lengths as you may think, 644,000kms in Germany vs 812,000kms here BUT only 341,000kms of ours is paved vs all of theirs. So really in terms of roads actually used by the population Germany has twice as much road as us.

    About 55% of their population own a vehicle vs 62% of ours. Their avg kms per year (in 2001) was 12,000kms vs ours of 14,600kms (2006).

    Of course the other huge factor is people are actually taught how to drive properly there as opposed to the pathetic standard here and police are more interested in enforcing things like not stopping at signs/ lights, failure to indicate etc rather than pinging people for going 3kmh over the limit!

    The things that can't really be allowed for are emergency vehicle response times, average speeds travelled, obviously Europe have problems with snow, ice and fog that we don't really suffer from here.


    I've also found out that that map is maintained by Vic Police and looking through it my bro noted that there isn't the entire 350+ road deaths on the map as anything that is still being investigated or hasn't had a coroners report handed down won't be on there ie. there were a couple of ped fatals that he noted right away were missing from early last year.
  11. Unfortunately that wont be the case for the 2009 map :cry:
  12. One important factor that never seems to be considered in road fatality stats is suicide and as absurd as that may sound it is a very real factor in a number of fatalities.

    The question is, should suicide fatalities be included in the road toll? (unless it has also caused the death of other innocents of course)
  13. it was discussed on another forum a few months ago that quite a few fatalities, that were used to introduce safer devices for us, aren't on that map :roll: what happened to them :?
  14. Wow!...Interesting find Stew...
    Clearly...the Black Spur, with all it's dangers and road trauma, is big enough to have it's own google map...have you found THAT one yet? :wink:

    Seriously...It obviously does'nt show 'all' fatalities...but even if it did, the spur region would clearly be only a small representation when considering the overall picture....the amount of police activity clearly exceeds the stats in that area, given the whole picture...

  15. So they will just claim that their harassment of riders is saving lives then, won't they?

    But a good resource. Really gives you some idea what the risk factors are, if you read the individual descriptions. Way too many 'lost control's and 'left the road's.
  16. One of my mates is on there. Corner of Station and Ballarat Roads in Deer Park.

    The quote they put in makes it look like he hit a car, when a car actually hit him and did a runner. :cry:
  17. The vast majority of fatals on the Spur were before this system was started, the last couple of years have been not too bad up there but there was a time when there was almost one a week or fortnight.

    In case you missed my previous post, some are missing because the list is maintained by VicPol so anything still under investigation or that hasn't had a ruling from the coroner won't be up yet. Also not updated all that often it would seem atm.