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Google is watching you...street view now online

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Bluesuede, Aug 5, 2008.

  1. So Google has now launched "Street View" for Australia, where you can get a virtual tour of all the streets photographed. Has your street been done?

    See it here

    Kind of freaky being able to zoom up and down the streets in your own neighbourhood....

  2. :shock: Thank god I'd mown the lawn and done the front garden.

    Scary really.
  3. Holy Crap - That is amazing!
  4. htf did they do that???????
    I zoomed right into our house!
  5. I'm kinda waiting for a "Who's that guy kissing my wife at the front door?" type post... :LOL:
  6. I heart Google.
  7. Good question! Surely they cant get that kinda view from satellites, must have someone drive down the streets and record video? Expensive for a free service?
  8. Hmm seems they still haven't bothered mapping most of the roads I use - yet they have bothered with roads like this
  9. Wouldn't you love to see someone taking a dump on the side of the road in a shot like that
  10. Yeah they drove around in cars like this:

  11. I'm just wondering that since my street hasn't been done yet whether I should stick some sort of sign up in the front yard ;).
  12. "The Google Street View fleet of cars – which company representatives made a point of identifying as Holden Astras – began capturing images across Australia last November. "
  13. I've noticed in some shots there are people, what if they refuse to be published?
    It's rather a large intrusion on our privacy yet governments want to ban photographers taking pictures in public places due to terrorism concerns.
    All they have to do is google the bloody thing!
  14. I keep alternating my opinion between "This is amazing!" and "I think Google have gone too far." Some people are going to find this invading their privacy and anonymity a bit much.
  15. HAHA! thats exactly what i thought!!!

    Then i looked up my brothers address and there is a dodgy looking guy walking down the driveway (who isnt my brother)
    :shock: hmmm Crime stoppers?!?
  16. Wow they've even done my street/house.
  17. My street is not done but the rest of the town is so it doesn't bother me.
    Unless they run photos every year the view will quickly become out of date in suburban situations and the detail is not great. IMHO
  18. I'm just quietly doing the world's slowest lap of the black spur. Now I know how it feels for Stewy!
  19. Me also ! :LOL: :LOL:
  20. they even did Mogo :shock:

    but, it is not possible to see the batcave :cool: