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Google/IE9 problem, weird

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by hornet, Jul 18, 2011.

  1. My work laptop has IE9 and Windows 7 Ultimate.

    I cannot connect to either google or google.com.au, but with the "can't connect to this site" error message window open, I can connect to ANY OTHER site.

    The computer did its most recent update at 6:19pm tonight, but was not connecting to Google all day, and isn't since the update, so nothing's changed there.

    My desktop machine has the same OS/browser combination, and is googling happily, my netbook as XP Pro and both IE8 and Chrome, and is also connecting to google, both versions, successfully.....
  2. Have checked whether you can actually get to google from that box...

    Telnet WWW.google.com 80

    Get / return twice.
  3. I'll check that, I've shut the computer in question down..... tomorrow, thanks
  4. IS one connected via ethernet and one via wireless? I have had wierd problems like this and a router reboot fixed the problem.
  5. It's a wireless connect, but this morning I THINK I might have found the problem, but I don't know how to fix it.

    Sunday night I stayed in a country hotel that had wireless internet via a mob called WiFiZone. I connected, just because I could, and to see if I could check the GP results. I got a message which said "Further authentication may be required" and their web-page popped up. They are a provider of services to hotels, etc.

    Anwyay the hourglass went round for a a minute or two, and I gave up and switched off.

    This morning when I tried again to get google up (don't let anyone tell you I'm not an optimist :LOL:), for a fraction of a second in the address bar I saw the word 'wifizone', then the 'cannot connect to this site' error message popped up.

    No, it hasn't made wifizone my home page (checked that) and yes, I have cleared the history, cache and other stuff.

    As I said, weird.......
  6. So as before can you telnet to google on port 80?
  7. I didn't try that, sorry :oops:, I'm at work at a different place today, and I WILL try it tonight, promise!!
  8. Check your DNS settings as well.
    Not sure how those wifi providers work, but it may have changed your DNS settings to get ready to use it’s servers.
  9. I assume you cleared cookies as well as your cache?
  10. Try flushing your DNS.

    run --> cmd

    at the prompt --> ipconfig /flushdns
  11. OK.
    Flushed everything
    Did a System Restore to two days ago
    Found and removed references to wifizone in registry because I still got the same error after System Restore
    Win7 gives me a 'telnet is not a recognised command' error, so I'm not sure where to go with that
    Flushed DNS
    EVERY other website in the world load at the address bar, but google, .com and .com.au, don't
    I don't get the wifizone flash momentarily as IE loads, but I DO get ieframe.dll doing that, but everything I'm reading tells me that that's an internal Windows file, not a malaware.
    I phoned WifFiZone's help desk earlier and a vey helpful Chinese lady told me to flush the cookies and reset my browser, and if that didn't work, contact Microsoft because it is their problem....
  12. An odd occurrence. If it's happening to others it might be fixed from Google or MS's end over the coming days/weeks.

    Have you tried another browser on that machine?

    Or...have you tried BING?
  13. I haven't tried bing, but since that last post I have;

    Uninstalled IE9 and reverted back to IE8, rebooted, re-entered IE and seen "https://hotpsot.wifizone.com.au" appear in the address bar and then google didn't load. I searched the registry again for wifizone, found another key and deleted it, rebooted and tried again, exactly the same result.

    I haven't tried another browser on that machine, because I work for the NSW DET adn the DET portal only gives full functionality under IE, so I don't have a choice.

    It's definitely NOT Microsoft's problem; it's WiFiZone's problem, but getting a solution from them has proved impossible so far.
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  16. thanks for persevering with this folks, it's driving me nuts

    ping google worked, and nslookup google worked

    ping pinged and averaged about 166ms,

    nslookup read (?) 103 104 105 106

    I can't seem to 'capture' the contents of the DOS window, but ipconfig/all says for the wireless adaptor (the only one connected) that the DNS Server, not some other strange address.....

    {edit} did telnet in the cmd window, window went black to a flashing cursor, and nothing seems to be happening...
  17. I get a different IP address for Google.

    C:\Users\Luke>nslookup www.google.com
    Server: UnKnown

    Non-authoritative answer:
    Name: www.l.google.com
    Aliases: www.google.com
  18. Interesting.
    If I put into a browser, I get Google. So IP address looks OK.
  19. Nope the previous checks name resolution and icmp connectivity.

    Telneting to port 80 completes that and checks connectivity to port 80 where the web server is.
  20. Google runs on a massive cluster so you get a round robin DNS response.