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Google Earth

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Kaer, Jul 8, 2005.

  1. This is without a doubt one of the coolest things I have seen in a long time


    It's satellite maps of the world, that you can zoom in.

    I have pin pointed numerous places I've lived, traced a few roads I've ridden down.

    It is frigging sweet.

    Warning, you need broadband and a reasonably new computer for it work. Only a 10 meg initial download, but it keeps download maps as you zoom around the world.
  2. NASA have a similar thing though I can't find the URL right now...

    To anyone trying to use either, don't bother trying to zoom in on places like Area 51 - they've been greyed out :LOL:
  3. This is too cool! My biggest complaint about Whereis is the lack of GPS coordinates. Problem solved!

    Just looked at my place. Lawn needs mowing, and the spouting is full of leaves.
  4. Haven't done it myself, but saw the area51 runway on a work mates PC he was viewing using this google one. ;)
  5. Yeah, chaiman, I was going to remind you about that lawn when I saw it on the map too, and while we're about it, I'm a bit worried about those plants in the left back corner too; what ARE they anyway?
  6. GOLD!

    Anyways, this is too cool. what an easy way to send someone directions!!
  7. Yes I'm having loads of fun finding people's houses.. Ride day meet points etc

  8. Will it pin point the nude beaches?
  9. I'm going to cry...

    I have an old PC that runs (very badly) Windows ME
    :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( ](*,)
  10. Nooooooo!!!!!

    /me weeps for lordtb
  11. HAHAHA i thought the EXACT same thing. Anyway who needs a nude beach when you have BONDI BEACH in the summer. Lots of celebs and every second girl is topless.
  12. stop changing the subject!!!!!!!!!
  13. What annoys me is Google Earth's own form of apartheid when it comes to their snaps of Melbourne.

    The east side of town is all blurry lo-resolution shots, the west is nice and clear.

    You may be able to admire Mrs Chairman's smalls on their Hills Hoist, but I can't even make out which fuzzy blob is my house! :evil:
  14. Not Mac Friendly yet :( :( :(

  15. Been a long time since Mrs Chairman's smalls have been on my Hills Hoist. But if you want to see them, now I can give you the lat and long of her address. :D

    And the east isn't fuzzy - it just has too many trees. Pour more bitumen and concrete and the photos will be fine.
  16. LOL i wish it really could zoom in far enough to do that. Now THAT would be awesome.
  17. And most of it is 4+ years old.
  18. http://maps.google.com/ will also be good once it gets a lot more of Australia