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Google Chrome has launched. Get it now.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Loz, Sep 3, 2008.

  1. Google has built a new open source browser from the ground up. The technology is very impressive and while it's still in beta, it runs noticeably faster than Firefox or IE. I'm having a go at it right now.

    More info: http://www.gizmag.com/google-takes-...with-new-chrome-browser-launching-today/9925/

    Download it: http://www.google.com/chrome

    There's a couple of rendering bugs in this first version, for instance this text box is doing very weird things. But I've been a big fan of most of the things Google has turned its hand to, and this looks like it will be no exception.

    (Oh, and Paul, please continue using IE. If you have to ask, you'll never know.)
  2. The source viewer is impressive. Haven't noticed it being a lot faster than Opera though.
  3. Played with it a bit this morning and generally liked it. As you said, for some reason text boxes on this forum get weird, but I didn't find that anywhere else. It even has an 'Incognito tab' mode a bit like Safari's 'Private browsing'. Not that I can think what anyone might use something like that for...
  4. I actually downloaded it and started using it at 6:45 this morning, Loz, but I haven't had any chance to play with it here at work.

    The blog about it on news.com.au is worth reading, though, some absolute howlers there, including the usual 'Google is an evil empire', 'Google is leaving out Mac users', and one idiot whinging that it's only suitable for XP and Vista, and Windows 2000 users are being discriminated against :LOL:.

    Bearing in mind it's only beta, and rumour is that Google have released it earlier than originally planned, it looks pretty good.
  5. They are working on a mac version and I'll d/l it once it becomes available.
  6. mmm, doesn't like Youtube very much; error message says that flash needs updating (when it doesn't) and even with download of latest java lots of stuff doesn't work :(
  7. If everything worked properly it wouldn't be called beta ;)
  8. Speaking of things Google is it just me or has Google Earth slowed down a fair bit lately.

    It seems to be taking a lot longer to download or update the photo's as you move around. I use it as well as Google Maps a fair bit for work purposes and the guys with licensed copies are havign the same problem in my office as well.
  9. Street View has meant that their servers are taking huge hits over and above normal searches, plus it's soaking up their bandwidth as well, I would guess.
  10. Nice one Loz. Fast, lightweight, easy on the eyes, all the functions I need.
    No probs with java, flash, youtube here.
    I use Flock ATM, and if they develop a media bar, i'll switch for good.
  11. ah yes, late final extra on flash and java

    I re-booted and everything is tickety-boo :).
  12. its good except

    page zoom sucks, same as IE

    Firefox owns page zoom where as IE just makes the text larger. I would consider using Chrome full time if they fixed the page zoom. For now im sticking to IE.
  13. what ctrl+, ctrl-, how easy do you want it :?
  14. Exactly. Try zooming in firefox 3, you will see the difference.

    Firefox resizes the whole screen, IE and Chrome just make the text larger or smaller....
  15. That's all EITHER of them say they will do. Zoom isn't SCREEN zoom, it's text size, just like the menu item says :?
  16. Okay will you try it in Firefox? Otherwise you're not going to understand me!
  17. errr, no, unlike the Lemmings who are supposedly rushing to the Firefox barricades, I'm not going to install yet another browser, and I'm happy to take your word for whatever effect you're talking about. But IE's choice is TEXT SIZE, not screen zoom, or whatever, and Chrome's choice is TEXT ZOOM, so I don't see how you can damn Chrome for not doing something it plainly does not intend or promise to do :?
  18. Downloaded it last night, looks alright. Haven't had a chance to play with it yet. Scored brownie points when I saw it has a "menu" of your most visited sites when you open a new tab.
  19. I take it then, that I won't be able to use it on my Windows for Workgroups (Ver 3.11) machine.

  20. Annoyingly, the apple webkit components they use give me the same problems I get with Safari - mainly, that Wordpress doesn't work and I can't post on certain forums.