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Google Ads in the middle of Posts...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by glipschitz, Jun 4, 2005.

  1. Come on guys, I understand that it costs $$ to run the site, but putting Google Ads in between the posts is just damn right annoying!

    Ads on the left menu and top with the Google ads in the corner and Ad in the middle, also Google ads down the bottom, is one thing, but bang smack in the middle of the posts is just going too far.

    Please explain.....

  2. If it pays the bills let then go! I didn't find it too bad, also I would say there is advertising somewhere else that brings the good bike fellows to us, like an exchange programme.
    You show ours and we show yours......
  3. Never seen a google ad in the middle of a post
    But then again I have a banner blocker in my firewall.
    The only annoying ad is the one on the left that blinks all the friggin time.
  4. can you see one at the bottom of your post Nick?
  5. Sure, I'll explain. It helps pay the bills.

  6. Couldn't agree more Nick.

    It's fixed. Mo more distracting GIF :)
  7. Actually now it has appeared above your post.
    not a big deal actually.
  8. It doesn't bother me!!

    :D :D
  9. Hmm I don't like it. I'm very happy with a column of google text maybe on the left sidebar, or the top of the page, but when it's inbetween posts its very distracting.

    I didn't like those coming up in between posts, when the thread is about something like a motorcycle accident, people are giving condolences and then you get some stupid ad come up. Put it on the left sidebar, google ads are sometimes actually useful, it's able to learn whats on the page and return relevant ads and results; but not when its forcing us to look at them.
  10. I've got no problem with it.

    If it generates revenue for Netrider , i'm not going to to biatch and moan about it being in my way. I've got a freakin scroll wheel! I'll just whiz past it.

    popups however, are a different story... :evil:
  11. Yea I don't presume to know how much it costs to run Netrider, but I run another non-profit org and webhosting costs about $12 per month for bandwidth of 120GB a month with php, mysql and everything.

    I'd prefer it if you guys had a Donate via Paypal button, and I'll chip in micropayments of $2 every month or something. And that's probably even more money than having google ads. I probably click them once or twice in a month.
  12. great idea. :wink:

    I'd throw some spare change in everynow and then.
  13. I'd rather ads in the middle of the posts instead of down the side. For some reason, the screen here is now wider than previously. It's forcing me to scroll left-right to read messages (I have my res set to 800x600 as it's difficult for me to read the smaller text, due to old age and failing eyesight...).
  14. Surely these google ads only generate money if people click on them as oppposed to just viewing them..... Why don't we all agree to click on an ad at least once whenever we vist the site?

    What do you all think? ...and for our reward Vic and Jason should only keep the ones at the top & botttom of the pages and remove the ads from our posts - Does that sound like a fair deal?
  15. They could give sponsor links a karma bar then everyone can vote :p
  16. Have a look at http://www.privoxy.org

    I had the same problem and set up a filter to strip out the navigation menu from the forums.