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Goofy looking bike accessory !!!

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Rider, Mar 10, 2007.

  1. How's this for a goofy looking accessory I saw it on a recent trip overseas . Its a canopy that covers the whole bike for wet weather riding .
    :LOL: I've never posted a photo before so I hope it works .

  2. Looks like a BMW C1 scooter - they come out of the factory like that. There's a couple of other scoots made by other companies that are similar.
  3. I was surprised at just how many of them there were overseas . I havent seen one on any roads here in Adelaide .
  4. A bloody high-side in that would be interesting :LOL: Loz, you purchased the wrong bike :p :LOL:
  5. Not sure if they were even sold here officially, though knowing BMW they were probably ridiculously overpriced if they were - plus they kinda predated the boom in scooter sales. Have seen other enclosed scooters around Melbourne though (and overseas), think they were a Benelli (or maybe an Aprilia/Piaggio?).
  6. It says BMW Williams F1 on the side :LOL: :LOL:.......

    {Neither fish nor fowl}
  7. Saw these in Italy last year.
    And they HAVE A SEAT BELT!
  8. wonder if it has airbag
  9. Forget highsides, what about stoppies? Reminds me of that bloke at the Daytona rally who built a similar device with a seatbelt so he could do *rolling* rolling stoppies. As in, going right over forwards, doing a somersault and landing back on his wheels. Hilarious.
  10. Saw a similar one in Sydney @ UTS today. On Thomas St behind the main tower where all the bikes park. You laugh at it - but it is probably a great deal safer than a normal scooter.
  11. Get a smart car already :)
  12. Did I hear you say Smart Car .. They seem to be the other mode of transport other than scooters in Italy
  13. With their streets it would suck not to have a smart car/bike/scooter. Bet you didn't see many 4wds.
  14. This one was probably the first smart car . They are built around a scooter , I suppose you could call it a scooter car .Even has a scooter front end and handle bars for steering :LOL: