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Goodridge Brakeline Kit for CB250F Hornet

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by VCM, Mar 7, 2008.

  1. Hi fellow NRs :wink:
    After months of being unhappy with the feel of my front brakes ( lever can be pressed far enough to actually touch the hand grip )
    Yep, tried bleeding, fluid flush etc ...
    I am considering changing to stainless braided lines.
    There is a set avail on ebay ( uk site ) for a 2004 model.
    My Question is : Does anyone know if this will fit a 1996 Build??

    Thanks in Advance :)
  2. If you are after Goodridge Braided brake lines, contact Ian Wiltshire from TW Performance, he is a Netrider and a good bloke(they don't always go together)

  3. Thanks mate !!
    Appreciate the tip, will give em a call :beer:

    EDIT : Rang Ian .. yep nice bloke
    Getting one made up, just as well I spoke to him ( reminded me that lines purchased in the UK are not ADR approved :shock: )
    He is even gonna drop it down to me ( seems he cruises past my place on his way to work )
    I owe ya a beer Triway !
  4. No problem, I will contact Ian for my commission................. :LOL:
  5. :shock:
    Did I say Beer ??? sorry mustve been a typo :LOL:
  6. in the unlikely event you still have the same problems after switching lines, you may need to rebuild the seals in your brake cylinders
  7. I hope not mate, but if it is the same, then there is only the master cyl and caliper seals left to try :cry:
  8. New Braided Line fitted and bled.
    With Brute force applied, lever does not touch grip anymore :)
    Yet to road test ...