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Goodnight Satan's Little Princess

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Not4Resale, Mar 23, 2010.

  1. Crash Story: Goodnight Satan's Little Princess

    Alright I promised this thread and I'm almost through the insurance kerfuffle so I thought it was about time I posted up the story about it.

    Feb 11/02/2010

    I had gone to the other side of town earlier that day for fight training so had returned home for a brief moment to get changed then headed over to the missus at the time's place. I was fatigued, I'd been on the bike for a good 2 hours prior and it was bloody stinking hot. Normally in these circumstances I don't like riding but today I decided to go gung ho, I was in a bit of a fed up mood. So riding down the kingsway towards miranda I was aware and on the ball but in retrospect, I probably should have given the body a bit of R & R before I decided to trek out again. Anyway, I was closing in on the intersection crossing kiora road, I was definitely under the limit and I noticed a que of cars trying to turn. I was in the right hand lane so I buffered to the left of my lane to increase visibility. A black ute turned across my path. It was a small gap but it was just enough for him to make it through without me having to lay on the anchors... and here is where it went pear shaped... I probably should have been overcautious and braked to set up for what came next. The light turned orange halfway through this cars turn but due to me maintaining speed I was committed to going through the amber. I was close enough to lock up the tyres if I braked at this point. A good 200 metres up the street the thought of someone failing to give way popped into my head but I was rolling on apathy so didn't heed the mental warning well enough. After the ute I noticed a second car behind the line and the look on her face when it went amber just said "im gonna go it"... and she did. Once I knew she was heading into the intersection I buffered to lane 2's left hand wheeltrack... In retrospect I should have gotten into this lane before. It would have forced me to brake for the first car and the accident would have been avoided. After buffering this far I looked at her car again and she still had not noticed me and I realised that the hit was immenent so I slammed on the anchors at this point in the hope of shaving off as much speed as possible before the impact. I managed to lock up both tyres before impact and smashed into the front left quarter of her bonnet. My thoughts as I flew over her car were in complete honesty... "yes its her fault, new bike" :LOL: Retrospectively I'd rather it didn't go down that way and really really miss my bike now.... :(

    As I flew over I attempted to cushion the fall by rolling but got my leg caught between the bike and car for a moment so lost momentum and ended up taking the full force of the landing on my right arm and left knee. I broke the radial something or other bone in my arm and the schaphoid so 6 weeks outta action (well 6 weeks this thursday hehe yeewww :D). I have bruising in the knee thats still not better, and I sprained the ankle and got a centimeter and a half stab in the leg and it puffed up to double the size so walking was a bit annoying for a week.

    Onto the aftermath... cops came to me in the hospital after I'd sucked on the green tube (happy morhpine times 8-[ ) and questioned me about it all and I gave them the story that I just posted up here. Turns out that the other driver had lied and said that there was a green turning arrow and they gave me the option of changing my story to avoid a charge. You can imagine what would have been going through my head at this point... I am someone who has an excellent memory when under pressure and I was being told that what I remembered was a lie. I spent the rest of the day in hospital with my stomach in my throat thinking of the prospect of paying 10 k in damages for something that was not my fault or was and I didn't know it (I wasn't insured.. smart i know). I played it out in my head for hours until that evening when I remembered a man approaching me at the scene who was the ute driver and said he was a rider himself and he indicated that she was at fault and that he would be a witness so he slipped his contact details in my jacket. I gave him a call and the man agreed to go into the police station to give his statement. Anyway, three weeks of sleepless nights later it was eventually found through a number of witness testimonies that the woman was at fault and my version of events were consistent with the other independent witnesses. The driver had a thousand dollar excess so I can see why she didn't want to admit fault but ffs I felt so cheated that someone could be so heartless.... She got a $300 fine I think for not giving way and lost 3 points. In the three weeks up to this point I had to visit a lawyer to get advice on it all and had to face the prospect of fighting this in court without an insurer backing me up.

    Once she was found at fault, her insurer finally took on my claim once she finally admitted fault to them too. I'm still negotiating with them about how much they owe me and I'm dealing with getting rid of my write-off now because I was not insured. Seriously, get insurance kids, even when you're in the right it can be an angel for you.

    Almost healed up now and looking forward to getting a bike as soon as its economically feasible :D

    and to leave you all with a memento of my now deceased princess...


    Ride safe everybody, can't wait to throw a leg over again! (y):biker:
  2. not good to hear bout your incident! specially someone being shitty like that... im glad you managed to the right of the story through!

    i pondered riding home when i picked up my new (now dead) bike, but though better of it... also seriously considered 3rd party F+T (glad i didnt now), and, out of the blue, you crash/get hit/whatever and you realise why it exists.

    insurance, whilst it might cost a bit (now im back to rating 6 and im not even 20 yet! eek!) is worth it, just in case etc etc, but ill let others argue that.

    best of luck
  3. what u looking at buying Paul?
  4. I'm sorry about your bike man, it's not fair that some careless dipshit can take away something so dear to you, but that's life =/

    What really angers me is that she lied about fault. Does grievous bodily harm to someone, and $10k worth of damage destroying someone's prized posession, and she lies? The _least_ she could have done is paid the $1k and repent. What is wrong with people today... I hate her and people like her so much. If it were a guy, that's punch worthy. I hope I never have to meet a lady like her.

    Thankfully everything worked out for you, no permanent damage. It's all good! Some good scars and a good war story for posterity.
  5. "What is wrong with people today?"

    Same thing that has been wrong with them since dawn of time and the same thing that will be wrong with them until the sun envelopes the earth. They are utterly selfish, purely and simply.

    Paul, you seem to have an inbuilt trust that humans will do the right thing rather than do the self protecting and serving alternative. I hope you are wiser now.
  6. I do like to hear stories with happy endings. Not such a great start tho :p

    Hope the biatch got charged for obstruction too.

    And remember... ITS JUST A BIKE :) (you are still alive and in pretty good condition after an off like that)
  7. geez paul u been running bad, first u wrote off the firestorm in the trackday (or u had to get it reparied) and now this, dude all the best man and hope to see u riding again some day, 6 weeks off, wow seriously thats really bad, i dunno what ur gonna do to keep urself sane in hospital for 6 weeks, but im sure u will find something to do, anyways keep a smile on ur dial and hope u get well, and all the best in the courts
  8. Cheers for replies, as for the damage, I was referring to the written off bike and her cars panel damage aswell. She was comprehensively insured. If the shoe was on the other foot I would have owned up straight off the bat. Hell I even felt sorry for her being $1300 in the red. If she had saved me the heartache and owned up initially I would have had no problems lending her the cash to soften the blow... I strongly believe in the golden rule, you should treat people how you would like to be treated. Its not that I trust people will do the right thing, I am just supremely disappointed in their character when they do. I have to agree with you in my riding on that day though... I didn't take a precaution that I normally would have based on my mood.

    Still, she did give me a great war story and i've picked up quite a few girls through them asking me how I broke my arm :rofl: I just hope she takes more care in her driving in future and takes the lesson opposed to externalising and blaming me for existing in her liminal space and thus in her mind being the cause of the accident :LOL:

    Oh and looking at a Gixxer 750 hopefully :D Not sure though, I really just want to test ride a whole bunch of bikes again and get a feel for a wide range of machines and find what my true niche is. I want to test out road bikes, cruisers, motards, straight bush bashers, sportsbikes, the lot. I'm taking my time with this one and getting a ute first up so I can trailer the bike to the track or the bush depending on what i get haha

    ey sunite, its all good learning. Got discharged from hospital the same day so haven't been doing too badly, just dealing with the crap part of it and smiling about the big payout that i've negotiated out of her insurer.... I was a real pr1ck to them :LOL: I let them know that there was no way that I would be accepting an unreasonable offer and I wanted everything that cost me anything dealt with including my lost wages from work.

    Don't get me wrong though, if I could turn back the clock I wouldn't do this again but there has been quite a bit of good to come of this.
  9. Re: Crash Story: Goodnight Satan's Little Princess

    I thought there was a charge similar to 'lying to police' or is it simply 'obstructing the course of justice'? There needs to be some sort of charge available for situations like this, to reflect the seriousness of the act and the carefully considered malice inherent in lying about it afterwards.

    For **** sake, this woman could easily have killed you. Yes she probably, maybe didn't see you and yes she almost certainly would not have proceeded had she seen you coming, and yes she was stressed/sad/tired/happy/whocares. All that shit is just how accidents happen. It's not great but it is what it is and we all deal with it.

    But /lying/ to avoid punishment for her ****up, /blaming the innocent party/, the poor bastard who's lying in hospital half ****ing dead for all she knows!

    $*#@!&*$P%( scumbag driver should be hung drawn an quartered. Failing that, remove her driving privileges for life.

    (can you tell I've experienced the same thing?)

    Back on subject, I'd love to see a law passed for police to use against drivers found to be 'at fault' and lying in accidents where the there was potential to cause life-threatening harm, e.g. enclosed vehicle vs any two-wheel vehicle. Have a clause in there which allows it to work both ways, but with actual serious injury (as opposed to life threatening, say 'ambos --> hospital') involved.
  10. Glad everything is on the up. Not suggesting that what you did was wrong, but I prefer the right lane in the above situations. Less buffer, but more chance of being seen by right-turning-car-number-two (ie: the one that hit you), and avoids being hidden by anyone in the right lane. I find myself moving around in my lane a lot as I try to calculate where the biggest risks might come from, and it's always a compromise. Can't win 'em all.
  11. I was in the right lane. It was a three laned road, I was going straight, the only thing that opened up closer to the intersection was the turning lane which I didn't need to go into. By all accounts she should have seen me but I could see her clearly looking at the lights so it was her attantion being taken away and not the lack of my visibility. When I spoke to the witness who was driving the ute the guy said he doesn't know how anyone could have missed that "blaring headlight". There was quite a low amount of traffic and I only moved into the middle lane after I knew that she was going to enter the intersection.

    If I had been in the middle lane further up the road, the first car turning would have caused me to have to brake and thus when it went orange I wouldn't have been committed to going through and would have stopped instead of boxing myself into a situation that left me at the whim of the other driver. It wasn't a big mistake on my part because I did factor in the other drivers with my buffer and was aware of that kind of a situation and took a precaution due to it but the amber light occuring at just that moment and her reaction to it is what made my precautions count for nothing. She wasn't looking at the vehicles approaching, she was looking at the lights. I imagine that she would have seen the first car go and expected a gap big enough for herself to go but due to car number 1 taking a small gap already, the space had already been comprimised...

    yeh zeddicus I thought the same thing and mentioned it to the cop but he shrugged it off and said in his job he gets lied to all the time. I think he was probably the first cop that was trying to get the most favourable outcome for all. He didn't even give her a neg driving charge, just a fine for failing to give way. I was under the impression that in any accident the at fault person had to get one of them. I can't know exactly what she said but this was the information given to me by the plod. He didn't directly say "she lied" but it was implied in the sentence where he said that he gets lied to alot. As well as this, the original story I heard in the hospital before all the witnesses had given their statements was suggestive of a different picture so I think I can safely conclude that she did lie about the lights and wasn't just a victim of witness forgetfullness
  12. Glad it turned well for you in the end but you had to go through a lot to get to that point. Hope you get another bike really soon, and heal fast!
  13. i was in a similar (though less painful) situation, pisses me off major when people lie about sh*t like that.

    had some chicks try and do a runner when they knocked my bike over after (i assume) taking facebook/myspace photo's on it one night, they lied, i got angry, cost the biatch $1150 for a few scratches, hope the pics were worth it.

    i laughed when you said the thought in your head as you hit her were "new bike" thats gold.

    hope alls well and you get your new bike.
  14. The relief of having the other side admit their fault can not be underestimated and I'm overjoyed to hear that you have that. After being skittled in early December we received the official word today that the other party has accepted responcibility lifting the (so far) $100k weight off our shoulders and yes I had full comp so it's doubly brilliant for you to be in the clear.
    Heal well, heal strong and best of luck with the new ride search.
  15. thank **** for the witness!
  16. So , whats the new bike going to be ?!
  17. OMG i cant believe people can actually hit someone on a bike and not only are they not falling over themselves to apologise and offer assistance but they actually LIE about what happened in order to cheat the VICTIM out of cover , filthy MOFO.

    You are indeed lucky, she may not have been insured herself and then you would have been in the poo.

    Very glad you are safe and only sustained minor damage to your own frame, bikes can be replaced.

    When i bought my 1st bike i sat on the side of the road for almost 2 hours trying to organize last minute insurance as the stupid company i organized it with the day b4 messed me around at the final hour!
    I wasnt getting on that bike until it was fully covered tho.