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Goodnight all

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Kernel, Jun 6, 2011.

  1. I'm going to bed

  2. good morning all.

    i just woke up, but i'm still in bed.
  3. Well I'm up and ready for work... over an hour before I need to be on the train.
  4. well i'm still in bed... but about to get up so i can eat the breakfast that my brother cooked, and then i might come back to bed and watch a movie, then go for a nice afternoon ride :)
  5. If I wanted to hear about the minutiae of your sad little lives, I'd sign up to ArseFace...
    Get on with your work...
  6. you're just jealous that i got breakfast cooked for me ;)
  7. tough life, huh?
  8. Maybe...
    Actually, mine was cooked this morning too - cost me $12...
  9. mine was free. i did do lots around the house yesterday, though. mowing on the ride on, cleaning out the drain, chlorine-ing the pavers, washed 3 of the 4 dogs, did some pruning... but he worked too... so i guess yeahs, it was free.
  10. And I still don't care.
    Fancy that!
  11. It'll be bedtime again soon. Cant wait for the next enthralling episode. This thread could turn epic (due to the shit weather etc etc)
  12. ...G'nite Johnboy!..... 8-[
  13. I want you as my life coach.
  14. hey kernel, do you think once, just once, you could post something other than irrelevent bullshit for the sake of bumping your post count???
  15. I post up irrelevant bullshit for the sake of having a laugh, not for the bloody post count. Who cares about the post count?
  16. hornet



  17. Hey im going to bed too after my first day on the new job.
    Sad fact, after tomorrow im back on FARKING nightshift again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (having just done 8-9 months of 6 nights on 1 night off 12 hr shifts).
    3 weeks of it this time (every day, no breaks)! Then a week off... then dayshift for 3 weeks.............. and so the cycle continues.

    Still we got told theres 6 years work today with a potential for another 4 to be approved over the next 2 years. So, do this for 10 years and retire at ~40 i think... (on the underside of 40 at that!).
  18. Sounds good. I had a labouring job once at a brickworks, where they swung mornings -> afternoons every week. That'll kill you.

    Why can't we have an @rsebook page? They have one. If young women want to post the tiny intimate details of their daily lives, who am I to insult them? What they eat, when they sleep, what brand of wax they use ... I think it's beautiful. Of course if you don't like that kind of thing, you don't have to read it.

    There's a post count. Ok. Is there a commission? Do I get paid or something? I just like the sound of my own keyboard. It seldom argues with me. Except that time I hit the monitor with it...
  19. I was going to post that too but didn't think many would get the reference ;)
  20. Don't get the Johnboy reference, don't think I really want to know.

    Well I'm going to bed again, good night ;)