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Goodbye ZZR250, hello ?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Mormegil, Mar 6, 2008.

  1. Said goodbye to my first bike today, my little zzr that I bought for $2500, kept for 18 months, then sold for $2800.

    The big question is what to do now.

    Not in a huge rush to replace it but a couple of options are floating around. I'm keen on a sv650n (s is probably a bit too sporty as far as riding position goes).

    I can wait until one pops up in my budget in Brisbane (about $6000, less is always better).

    I can look at other models (any opinions on the triumph tt600 - there's a low k's one on the trading post at the moment).

    Or I can think seriously about this:
    The trip back and re-registering would certainly blow my budget but I will admit the idea of an long adventurous road trip back does have some appeal (a little voice inside my head also says that adventures are for young, skinny, single blokes not old, fat bastards with 6 month old babies).

    Decisions, decisions......
  2. 07 600rr...you wont regret it
  3. Supersports (possibly along with adventures) are the territory of younger, less wussy, men.
  4. Agree CBR 600 RR :grin:
  5. You will find something with in your budget that is in quite good condition.

    I know i am a little Kwaka biased, but take a look at a ZX9r.. :wink:
  6. A LITTLE????!!!!!!!??????
  7. tell that voice to GTFO!
  8. Well the zzr never failed me so I'm not having a problem with the whole Kwaka thing.

    There was a zx6r in my price bracket a while back that looked pretty good - that's the frustrating thing. Before I sold the zzr it looked like there were heaps of interesting bikes around, now I'm in the market there seems to be bugger all.

    If you asked me yesterday I would have said I was in no rush but I caught a bus for the first time in 18 months today - I think I'm ready for a motorbike again now.

    I know some people say that public transport is for losers with nothing better to do with their time but it was a shock to see that the Brisbane city council bus service apparently agrees with them.
  9. Captain Self Restraint managed to look for a whole day and half before buying a bike. An 04 sv650 with bugger all on the clock and a yoshi pipe that sounds fantastic.

    Taking delivery sometime this week - seriously can't wait.