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Goodbye VTR250??

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by bangalla, Sep 27, 2007.

  1. I was at my favourite bike shop yesterday wasting the salesman's time, as you do, when we started discussing the relative merits of the three brands they stock. He was perplexed by some of the product decisions that Honda had made recently and said that he'd been told that the VTR250 was being dropped. :shock:

    Has anyone else heard anything along these lines?

  2. vtr is crap :p
    good to know its scrapped
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  3. I haven't heard that the VTR250 is to be dropped but it wouldn't surprise me.

    With LAMS being extended to Victoria there will be little call for 250's as brand new bikes I suspect.

    People will either buy as cheap as possible small bikes (like the CBR125R) or they'll buy larger LAMS bikes (Like the GS500).
  4. Salesperson at my local dealer said the same thing...which is a pity, because neither the CBF250 or CBR125 have as much get up and go as the VTR, and honda don't really have any other LAMS bikes (besides the trailies and XR400M)....
  5. Serious? They're brilliant.
  6. That's cause there's still so many people obsessed with buying 20 year old CBR250s...
  7. Put a sports fairing on the vtr250 and it will get their attention. Some people just don't like the look of naked bikes.
  8. Honda make some strange marketing decisions to say the least. To drop the VTR seems a bit odd. :?
  9. Why not, they dropped the VTR1000 to much disapointment.
  10. Maybe they're not making enough money off the VTR - and realise that if they bumped up the price no-one would buy one.
    So far more sensible to just sell cheaply built bikes like the CBR125 and CBF at over-inflated prices instead ;).
    Does seem a shame though, maybe they'll have the common sense to bring in something like the CB400 instead to give the GS500 some competition.
  11. :shock: is this confirmed ??? if it is look at the bright side.. for all of us lucky enough to own a current-ish model vtr 250 .. we will very likely be able to get more if we sell our bikes as people who want to buy a VTR if and when its dropped from hondas range will not have the ability to compare it to the price of a new VTR hence hopefully we can ask for more :grin:
  12. maybe they could bring back a new version of? :grin:
  13. Which they could do easily by just slapping a fairing on this
    Problem is with Honda pricing it'd probably be well in excess of 10k by the time they brought it here - although people are gullible enough to pay 7k for a 20 year old one I suppose ;).
    Edit: Oh and no mention on the Japanese site of it ceasing production - so might just be a Honda Australia thing.
  14. Come on JD, i saw one for $6k the other day - bargain!! :LOL:
  15. so are they going to introduce the LAMS thing here in melb??
    is that confirmed??
  16. :oops: at least i know when the missus gets her licence she can get a nicer bike for the price we are looking at
  17. We have one, through choice and not necessity. In other words, among 3 registered road bikes one is a 99 VTR250. All our bikes are for fun, they are not necessarily for day to day transport, although they would still work well in that role.


    They look absolutely stunning, especially with a few little extras. I think the trellis frame exposing the cylinders and heads is a vast improvement over the slightly quicker Spada.

    Add a Staintune for an amazing sound, even with the baffle still in. They handle impeccably and go well as a 250. A 400 or 500 version would be even better.

    Long live the VTR250!

    Trevor G
  18. Hey TrevorG, where'd you get that rear hugger from? I wants one....
  19. Everyone has said how good the VTR250 looks. For me personally its nothing special. I want a new honda 250 faired bike to rival Kawasakis new 250R