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Goodbye Victoria!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Captain Seven, Mar 4, 2010.

  1. So, after only 6 months in St Kilda, I'm leaving to go back to the NT.

    My delightful girlfriend cheated on me, and unfortunately I'm in no financial state to stick around.

    I did want to say that since I got my licence and bike here in Victoria Netrider has been such and amazing source of information, both on the forums and during the 4 or so Saturday morning carpark practices I had time to attend. Huge thanks to Doug, for all the advice that was given, and for fixing the punture in my rear tyre during my first outing. A better bloke you couldn't find to teach newbies the things they NEED to know. *thumbs up*

    I only regret not being able to find the time to attend at least one TNLR. Rest assured, I'll be singing Netrider's praises to every rider I meet. It really is the heavyweight champ of motorcycle forums, ingnoring the few roadbumps recently.

    Thanks guys! Take care!
  2. Bye dude.

    Good luck.
  3. Girls, girls, girls. Sorry to hear what happened. Hope you enjoyed your stay in VIC and spread the love in NT.
  4. Hey,

    I'm going to miss you, mate.

    Take care and come back when you can.

    Thankyou for the vote of confidence too.

    Bye now.

  5. sounds like we have a "non-sequitur" on our hands *groan*

    Enjoy your trip north :)
  6. Bad Morbo 28, Bad!

    All the best Sequitur. Hope things go more smoothly in the future.

    Ride safe

  7. biatch, can never please them eh
  8. Don't they have the Internet in the NT? ;)
  9. How you going to 'bounce back' in NT unless you like that native ladies? Regardless sorry to hear about the biatch cheating on you.
  10. Tin cans and string mate!
  11. Serious? Darwin is the backpacker party capital of Australia! XD

    But I have a job and place to stay waiting for me whenever I need, thank god.

    Positive: Cops are not nearly as vigilant

    Negative: Darwin had more people picked up for DUI than Melbourne last New Years. Darwin population 120,000. Not sure if it was overall or per x amount of drivers...

    Positive: Dodging the drunk drivers is a great to practice flicking the bike around!
  12. Name and Shame your ex on the forum!!! naked pics and shit... or goto orsm dot net and he'll proudly host it!!

    oh yeah farewell
  13. And PM me that b!tches number too so i can... errr... call her up and tell her what a cow she is...
  14. so which site have you sent the video to?
  15. Soory Man...that's just wrong :-(....but!...you did get into NR, and there's no reason why you can't be in NR from the NT, matey. Hook back up with us when you get there..

    I wish you well- seriously.


  16. and when you come, errrr ring her and tell her what u think, send it to me and ill tell her that ill come errrr that shes a cow to