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Goodbye to 250cc's

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by edgelett, Jan 13, 2007.

  1. well, in 1 month, 1 week & 1 day, I will have my full licence.

    So I advertised my CB250 expecting it may take a few weeks to sell.

    A guy rang Wednesday, looked at it Thursday, and rode it away today.

    I was actually really sad to see my little bike go. I wasn't expecting to sell it so fast, so last night I went for one last ride through my fav Adelaide roads (Houghton, Chain of Ponds, Kersbrook) with Tony & JuzJulz. it was a really nice relaxing ride, and it was good to take the cibby out for one last spin.

    I know it's gone to a good home, the guy who bought it went out today & bought boots, a helmet, a jacket, gloves, and some draggins cause he didn't want his wife worrying. He promised to look after it & I know he will.

    I feel kind of wierd staring at the spot in the car port where I used to park it. I KNOW the Hornet will be there in a month but...i dunno.

    I'm sure I'll feel better once i can take the Hornet out for a blast.

    In the meantime - I'm back to being a back steat biatch for a while!
  2. Doesn't matter what bike it is, always memories both good and bad hey. New chapter starting, and a quick sell is a good sell!
  3. Well done for a quick sale,better than being stuck with it
    and I'm sure that 1 month,1 week and 1 day will seem
    to drag along,will be worth it in the end,and you will have
    something special in place of it,and many many miles ahead of you.
    See you out and about I hope.
  4. Thats good shit Edgey.

    Throw off the shackles of crapness and embrace power wheelies, burnouts, head shakes, loud pipes and blinding speed in the dead of the night...
  5. Scrambles you're not encouraging wild behaviour are you. :LOL:
  6. No matter what lies ahead, it's always sad seeing'em go, isn't it?? Never mind, much incredible Hornetness lies ahead, Tash.

    {got the package yesterday, too, thanks muchly :wink:}.
  7. Paul mate, how long have you had yours. You seem very happy with it.
  8. take the hornet out now :twisted: :demon:

    i wont tell if you dont :LOL: ;)
  9. G'day everyone,.......

    edgelett: Glad to hear you had a CB250 as well,.....
    I gave mine to my sister to learn on and know it has gone to a good home.
    You do miss those bikes a bit don't you?

    However,...I get to ride my new bike as of the 6th next month.
    So I will be haveing fun just a bit sooner! :grin:

    So whats next for the Hornett??

    Dr Who?
  10. Well done on selling it so quick - with LAMS these days, I'm almost really surprised you sold it so fast!

    Bet that last month of waiting is going to drive you nuts, but hang in there! :)

  11. Once you get on the Hornet, the CB250 will soon be forgotten. Lots of pleasant things await you. They are a great bike to ride. Only 5 weeks to go, :grin:
  12. Haha yeh I'll miss my bike when it goes. I'm sure I'll devise a screening process for prospective riders to make sure its in good hands :D
  13. I've always thought it would be nice to be able to afford to keep every bike you've owned. Be nice to have the old 2fiddy still in the shed for a ride down memory lane now and then.

    Oh well
  14. You never forget your first bike, for some it's even more special than a first lover!

    LAM's laws don't apply in S.A to my knowledge but if I'm wrong I'll expect the backlash!

    Enjoy your new love & treat him gently until you get to know him, he will return the favour!
  15. BACKLASH!!! lol
    yeah LAMS has been in effect here in SA for 12 months, so I didn't really think I'd be able to get rid of the two fiddy so easily! I guess I was lucky.

    thanks to everyone, I knew you guys would understand!

    Scrambles - you summed up exactly what i'm looking forward to.

    Dr WHo - next for the Hornet is I'm waiting for my new rear indicators to arrive from England. shoud be a week.

    I know once I get on it I'll be saying "What CB250??"
  16. Sweet as, ah well soon you will be able to ride without getting blown around like on that ride to Victor with Club E. That was horrible that wind, meanwhile I will just continue to feel unsafe in gusts of wind :(

    I bet your glad it went so quick though, cause now you don't have to worry about getting rid of it... Cause its gone :D