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Goodbye Pearl... Hello Candy!

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by ajiribarren, Jun 19, 2010.

  1. Well, the day came that I had to let go my beautiful Pearl. She served me well, got me reacquainted with riding and the road laws here, but after brushing my skills and riding 2up with my girlfriend, the little 250 had to go.

    And yesterday I got delivered my brand new bike =D> Love the color! Now I gotta finish all my exams at uni before I could really start enjoying her!

    Hello Candy!

    Pearl and Candy

    Goodbye Pearl! Hope someone enjoys you as much as I did!

    Yeah, I know names are kinda silly. My girlfriend tells me I name them like prostitutes. I keep reminding her that she is my girlfriend, my bikes are my mistresses. :D
  2. Another XJ6F. :wink: Nice. Definitely a good upgrade from the Hooflungdung!

    Bikes empty your wallet in return for socially unacceptable enjoyment. Comparisons to hookers seem fair enough to me! At least you can make the bike monogamous.
  3. awwww, isnt she gorgeous.....grats mate
  4. vera narce (y)
  5. it has tuning forks = good
  6. Nice ride...........and yeah Candy does sound like a Californian hooker but damn she's a good look'n hooker.......love the colour
  7. goodbye pearl or good riddance?
  8. Very nice and contgratulations......

    That's the seating position I need when I'm off restrictions so been looking at that model.
    My back has painfully told me that tank hugging sports bikes are no good.... Can't argue with my back....:(
    Only thing, I'm also looking at some long touring goals through gravel roads so will test bikes like the Vstrom......

    Plenty to think about and test ride in the new year.... All fun....
  9. Hello mates! Sorry to be so late, finished exams and then had a break from uni. The bike so far so good, has enough power to keep me entertained, and it's really easy to drive. The seating position is great, and to a nice surprise, it comes also with a centerstand. I already added a powerlet plug, a SW-Motech GPS mount and a set of Vario adjustable footpegs (for a little more ground clearance) and just waiting for better weather to start planning some trips!
  10. Well done mate - very nice looking bike.
    With a bike like yours, and the mods/accessories you're adding, you'll be ready for some long-rides in no time !
    Enjoy (y)
  11. Congrats. That is a nice bike. Great colour too, it reminds me of the wine red Gibson guitars. :)