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Goodbye LAMS hello 600cc

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by sosage, Mar 15, 2011.

  1. Okay, firstly hi everyone ..

    secondly, without starting a battle over which bike is .5% better than the other, hopefully i can tap into some experienced fellas knowledge about which direction i should head for ..

    i only weigh 63kg at 6'2 and am wondering how difficult it would be to control a much heavier bike (spada + me + fuel = 207kg) and which of the 'usual suspects' is the smallest overall size and weight and offers the best controlability? or does someone know of a model i could consider?

    im pretty well experienced in all weather and roads with about 65,000kms, fortunately only 100m or so on my ass, since getting on my spada, but havent ridden a bigger bike yet :s

    any advice here is appreciated, you big bike riders are hard to catch on the roads and chat with .. you dissappear too quick haha cheers
  2. Weight of the bike does not neccessarily equate to engine size. A 250 cc cruiser can weigh a lot more than a 600cc sports bike. What sort of bike are you looking at ? ie sports, tourer, cruiser.
  3. buy whatever you want beanstalk, you"ll be fine with it.
    could improve on it by setting up the suspension, personalising it for your weight.
    apart from that, should'nt have any dramas.
    600's are girls bikes though, go large.
  4. What type of ride are you after? Cruiser, Super Sports, Sports Tourer?

    Weight doesn't translate to a control issue, GV650 + me + fuel = 300kg and Putty Road was a breeze.
  5. depends on how much money you want to spend, too, capacity and weight are not the only issues
  6. being vertically challenged is much more difficult imo, at 6"+ you shouldn't have much issue.
  7. thanks guys, im probably looking at one of the 'yeah me too' bikes cbr, r6, gsx because theres bucketloads of them and prices are good and part accessiblity no issue.. (id love a speed triple when i know i wont drop it haha)

    i think ill wait a bit before a 1000cc haha i walk upstairs one at a time.

    are these bikes essentially more or less the same size power and weight?
    any common issues with any of them?
  8. At over 6ft I'd be inclined to say you're going to have more trouble with the bike being too small.
  9. thanks anyway guys