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Goodbye eBay!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by 2wheelsagain, Apr 10, 2008.

  1. [rant]
    Did anyone get an email from eBay today demanding we must offer PayPal from 17 June if selling? :mad:

    So now we are faced with a listing fee, a PayPal fee (2.4% + 30c of monthly transaction for most people) and another PayPal fee to transfer funds into our accounts so we can actually spend our cash.

    Ebay listing fees have steadily risen over the years but at least we could get our hands on our cash for nothing. :wink:

    That's it, no more selling for me after June. :twisted:
  2. Yes, I got one of those emails today.
    I agree, it's gonna put a lot of people off, both sellers and buyers.
    personally, I think it is a monopoly, and it stinks :evil:
  3. Nope nothing here.
  4. I didn't get one....
  5. I'm sure the fact that eBay owns Paypal has absolutely nothing to do with the decision......
  6. Yes I got one of these emails this morning.

    A large discussion thread happened on the ebay forum in little time but I can't find it now (moderated out perhaps?).

    A newer thread which is a petition against the changes is there though.

    I'm more of a buyer than a seller, but I do sell things occasionally.

    Having to offer paypal is a pain for people who only sell occasionally. :mad:
  7. Ive had a paypal account longer then I've had an ebay account so it doesn't bother me one way or the other.

    Paypal gets more of a work out from me then ebay. Have only brought & sold from ebay a couple of times.
  8. There are alot of people out there, who do NOT like the idea of online banking, obviously security is an issue for them, and paypal is just another form of online banking.
    I think for the seller, it limits the amount of customers and it adds to fees when time to withdraw funds comes around.
    I sell occasionally, and have been paid via paypal, I more often than not just churn it back into the system on my next purchase, thus avoiding withdrawal fees, but if I was a big seller, I'd be concerned.
    The pitch they are using about improving security, is blatant lies, its all about income for them. :evil:

    The only way to recoup the charges is to up the postage and handling fee.
    But, how do you know what the item will sell for, so alot of inflated handling charges are gonna put buyers off too.
  9. There is a very easy way around this....

    When you sell an item, tell them you can't access your paypal, so you want it deposited in your account.


    Just do it COD...
  10. Got it as well. Yep I agree , its a monopoly. Ebay owns Paypal.
    Boils down to ... you don't like it' don't use it.
    I'm not that fussed about it. I buy and sell on Ebay.
  11. Or just tell Ebay to get bent!!

    Ebay bites the Big one :evil:

    They wash there hands of every little problem, they'll happily take your money and run, but ask them for help and "Sorry, no spreak engrish"
    They don't care about anything or anyone, except there profits.
  12. I personally think it will be a good thing, and make buyers feel a lot more confident using the site.

    I've been burnt a few times buying on Ebay, but having Paypal or COD only will hopefully reduce the amount of people getting ripped off.
  13. I was a member when it was sold.com.au and the only time I have ever been ripped off as a seller was when I was hit up for COD when the buyer refused to collect and pay the fee that he asked for! I dont do COD now.

    Anyone can pay into a bank account. There is no security issue with paying into someones account. "Pay others" is the same as bPay.

    This issue is about forcing sellers to use a service that is owned by eBay and being charged a permium for it.

    As a buyer it makes no difference but a big difference if you sell. If I continue pastage will be +$1.50 and I'll be saying so in my ads.

    I could always stop selling and spend my money on our bikes :eek:
  14. Well... It's so far taken me 5 months to get my money back from Paypal after buying a faulty hard drive.

    It was broken on arrival so I started a claim, sent it back, seller confirmed receipt but didn't mark it off in the dispute console. Claim rejected, I put in an appeal and only two days ago I've been told it was successful. I'm yet to see the money. :evil:
  15. On closer ispection it seems COD will not even an option.
    :shock: You will only be able to offer PayPal on your listings and pay on pick up
    Doesnt mention delivery of item.............
  16. Yeah, this is fuxxored, even for a buyer:
    All items appearing on eBay.com.au must be paid for using either:
     • PayPal
     • Visa/Mastercard (with transactions processed 
        by PayPal)
     • Pay on pick up (i.e. paid for when picking up the item)
    No other payment methods will be accepted.
    You may say there is no worry about using paypal as a buyer, and yes, there is protection, but i like to use DD, and sometimes get a little sus of PP (thats paypal, no pro-pilot ;) ).

    Although there are a number of excluded items, mostly high value stuff, here: http://pages.ebay.com.au/help/sell/category-exclusions.html

    For a seller tho, if they want to force you to use a service, then thay've gotta discount it.... but yet again, owners of a site are running their business and if you dont like it, you dont have to come back... :roll:
  17. You can use Paypal as a gateway i.e it draws from your nominated account. This however is crippled by them taking a week to clear payments. Yes a week, that's even after the money has come out of your account.

    They prefer that you "store" the money in your paypal account. It doesn't earn you interest, it earns them interest.

    If there is a dispute, they can simply deduct the money out of your account without your authority.

    I don't believe they hold an AFSL therefore are not governed by such protections that banks offer.

    Paypal is shit & expensive. If you want to withdraw cash from your account, you need to pay them $1 if the figure is less than $150.

    Do a google search on paypal horror stories and see the hits you get.
    They can blow it out their arse.

    I'll be closing my ebay store. Those items that were about to expire, I've removed already and those that expire shortly won't be renewed.

    It's a monopoly and I don't want to play.
  18. :WStupid:

    I'll be doing the same Vic