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Goodbye and good riddance, 2009.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by fekkinell, Dec 31, 2009.

  1. You've been a prick of a year.

    You burned down all my favourite places, took most of my money, wore down my mental health, killed a bunch of celebrities and were generally filled with shittiness and poo.

    You have less than 24 hours to live and I'll be glad to see the back of you.

    Hooray for 2010!!

  2. On balance, 2009 gave me job security for the first time in three years, a gorgeous new grand-son, a crash-free year of riding, and many joyous moments aside.. I guess it's been a 'glass half-full' year for me :).
  3. Each year generally provides me with challanges, surprises, happiness and sadness, things I enjoy and things I don't enjoy so much..... but what I do know is, that I would not have wished to have missed any of it!!

    It's our experiences, decisions and relationships which make us the people we are, or can help us become the people we would like to be... :grin:

    I thank my lucky stars for the years I have had (good and bad) and the years I have to come.... ;)

    ...wishing all a very happy new year...:dance:
  4. This quote sums it up perfectly for me:

    It was a year of Hope - at first in the sense of 'I feel hopeful!' and later in the sense of 'I hope this year ends soon!' - Dave Barry
  5. On balance a very positive year. Discovered siblings and extended family I didn't know existed. Our baby daughter married a really nice guy. The birth of a beautiful little grand daughter. Good health. Some really interesting work opportunities developing that include overseas travel.

    One big downer. The passing of a close family member.

    Plenty to be thankful for.......
  6. didnt win lotto so heres hoping for 2010 :)
  7. 2009. The year I discovered motorcycles. Not such a bad year then:D
  8. +1

    Had 3 months off work busted Achilles .....thanks for that 2009.....

    Caught some friggin coughing virus, had last 2 months..... (totally passed out once!) thanks again 2009. byyyyyeeeee.

  9. Heat waves, Lost our Mother, fires threatned our home, scariest moment was watching the plumes of smoke rising from the Kinglake area on the weather bureau web page and realising just what those images meant, the regrouping of the community spirit post fires, ride for the hills fundraiser, all british rally, riding with my brothers, old friends, new friends, family members, full employment and good health, sunburn and hangovers, as the wheel of life turns, one day you are on top and the next you are on the bottom.
    Good and bad Bring on the Teenies !
  10. cliche much?
  11. More of a 'meh' than a really good or bad year, but definitely looking forward to 2010.
  12. Double that.

    Hmm... New year = New beginnings, I hope.

    Happy New Year to everyone!
    Did anyone go on that mystery ride last night? How'd it go?) :D
  13. interesting year it was, ups and downs of course, otherwise it sorta flew by without to much happening personally.

    bring on this new year :)
  14. Shit 2009 for us
    Mother in law in and out of hospital all year before succumbing to a lung infection and passing away december 1st,
    My Achilles snapping in August and the long road to recovery, A second miscarriage in September for us in as many years so all up a disaster of a year this year has GOT to be better,
    I went on a pushbike ride today so it is off to a good start considering the state of my left leg.
  15. Not sad to see the last of 2009. On the same day as my father-in-law was admitted to a nursing home after having been diagnosed with the most aggressive form of dementia, my mother-in-law was admitted to hospital for major heart surgery from which she is still slowly recovering some 9 months later.

    The strain that this has placed upon my wife as their primary carer has been horrible and has told upon her health as well, recently finding out that she is suffering from a severe thyroid ailment.

    On the plus side, we have the close proximity of our children and our three wonderful grandsons and I completed around 35 thousand safe kilometres of riding and my health remains good.

    Roll on 2010.

  16. I know what you are going through..... It does get a crap load better......

  17. 2009: completely destroyed my knee, parents split etc.

    2010: found out I'm going to be a best man and made 450 bucks today working public holiday.

    I know which one I prefer..
  18. found some freelance work subcontracting for a graphic place a couple blocks from my apartment (as opposed to the graphic job 2hours away in Botany i was retrenched from last xmas). will be returning to it fulltime in 2010, taking on some of one of the former boss's duties as he's now semi-retired. best of all, most of this place's work comes from doing bike graphics for MX racing :)

    got serious with my girl, promoted her from Muse to Girlfriend. helping her getting into riding with her new scooter

    got to drive a few nice cars, at fun autobahn speeds. Double-tonned a Beemer Z4 with the top-down, but the ultimate was the 911 Carrera Cabriolet. Got 220+ out of it, as well as setting a new record up the local hillclimb

    registered a business name, which i also now own the IP trademark for. will be looking to build it up in the new year, next step is getting a website up.

    Crash-free and police-free all of 2009, though this was more due to having my bike in the shop most of the year
  19. Christmas morning, having breakfast on the bank of the Murray River at Nyah, an old man stopped to wish us a happy Christmas. "Enjoy it - the years get faster and faster!"

    I now realise that in Australia Death wears King-Gee shorts, a gut, beery cheeks and tours about in an old bus. He's the ghost both of Christmas Future, and of the (individual) Oblivion after One's Final Christmas, and he casts a shadow over the New Year. Which was spent in Apollo Bay discovering we'd run completely out or money. One day it will be time.

  20. i'd say not nearly enough:evil: