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Good work ACE Tyres in Singleton

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by Its the Pleats, Jan 12, 2012.

  1. Hauled arse on my early AVV shift today and finished 20 minutes early at around 10:30. By 11:30 I was on the Putty Road. Stopped at the Grey Gums Cafe for a well earned burger with the lot and a blueberry muffin (athletic figure and all that!). As I was walking back my green steed, I saw this....

    Lucky the wheel didn't turn another quarter or I wouldn't have seen it. The pressure seemed ok (of course I've carried my gauge around for the last 10 rides... except today) so I had a choice. a) Turn for home and do 90km to Windsor and try and get it fixed there or b) continue with my ride and head 80km to Singleton and get it fixed there at Singleton Motorcycles where my uncle works. Turning for home ruins my ride but so does heading further up the Putty - away from home - and getting a total flat. I continued... based on the fact that the tyre seemed fine and if it had turned a little more I never would have seen the nail and continued anyway, probably none the wiser. I have a repair kit under the seat that could get me out of trouble I reckoned.

    Pull into Singleton motorcycles and they don't really do tyres. Head to a big tyre shop on the corner and they don't do motorcycle tyres, sigh... They send me to "ACE Tyres" across the main drag and they don't do tyres that are still on the bike. Righto, "can I borrow a rear stand and a torque wrench?" "sure" I whip the wheel off and the young bloke has the nail out and the tyre patched from the inside in no time.

    Wheel refitted, hands washed, go to pay. The nice lady (maybe the owner) says "You've done most of the work yourself, how's $10?" I say "sure, thats cheap" I open my wallet and I haven't got a cent in there! "Can I EFTPOS it?" The lady says "don't worry about it, come see us next time you need a tyre in Singo"

    She was giving me the tyre repair for nothing! Unbelievable!

    I jumped on the V and went around the corner for some fuel, got $20 cash out and some chockies and went back to pay for the excellent service.

    Good work by that mob. If you need tyres near Singleton, go to ACE Tyres, they rock!

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  2. Here is a the bike getting her tyre fixed. Nice clean floor in the workshop, I could lay the axle on the ground without anything sticking to it! Its the little things...

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  3. $20 even $30 + chocolates is cheap. Good work =D>
  4. glad to hear there are still some good business out there :cool:
  5. had a similar thing happen to me at Putty 2 days ago...........stopped at Wilberforce BP to refuel and a nice bunch of riders came up to me and told me that my tyres were flat, checked it and had a nice nail embedded..........doh that explained the bad handling, not that theres allot of corners along Windsor Road (or any corners for that matter).

    Im sure ive gone on a ride with one of the guys there, might be a Netrider..............rode a black Ninja 600? with a "VISH" number plate...............thanks to that group.

    Went to Windsor Honda who promptly plugged the hole.........
  6. I've had excellant service from my local shop (Motorcycle Weaponry) when I last had a puncture. Mechanic dropped everything just to get me going - in and out in 15 minutes!

    Speaking of good people... had a semi prime mover do something really nice the other day when filtering down Ryde Rd. Came up to a vehicle that was straddling the line next to the semi. He saw me coming and moved forward and as left as he could in his lane to make room. As I approached, he stuck his hand out the window with a thumbs-up. I waved as I passed in thanks and he tooted his horn in reply... top bloke!
  7. I sware years ago when I was a relative n00b I was overtaken in colo heights by a zx10 with the plate VISH. The guy was an impressive rider, first time I'd seen someone deck their knee on the road.

    Back on topic I've been saved (mechanically speaking) more times than I remember by good samaritans, it really restores your faith in this country. I always help people out where I can.
  8. you DO meet very nice people in the country :)
  9. I swear I saw Trent take him on Old Pac with his Aprilia :).

    But yeah, MC riders are the best bunch of blokes................very helpful when your in need.