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good winter jacket

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by ibanezboy21, Mar 26, 2008.

  1. hi, i new to bikes and winter is nearly here, what brands should i look out for?
    i have bout $800 to spend

  2. I think in terms of warmth and being water proof a textile riding jacket is the way to go. I like the Ixon Xeres Textile Jacket top of the range or the full length Ixon Battalion Jacket



    Have a look at the Dririder Nordic Pro and Summit Pro also warm winter jackets.
  3. get something in gortex so you don't have to worry about waterproofs.
    tiger angel? alpinestars titan? theres some dainese ones too.
  4. $800 should get you warm waterproof pants as well. You will find
    pants are a great addition for warmth and dryness on the worst
    days, and well worth it, even though you won't wear them as often
    as a jacket.

    At that price range, you can afford almost any textile jacket or
    lots of good jacket/pants sets.
  5. ok im writing these down, any more?
    does thickness=warmth, im more concerned about getting cold than getting wet.
  6. wet = cold, if the jacket can't keep the water out, It won't keep you warm.
  7. If you're going to spend that sort of money just go straight to the BMW gear... find a local BMW, get fitted then buy it from the US for half the price.
  8. My suggestion is once you find a jacket you like (particularly if you go for a brand like A*) buy from the USA - you'll get it much cheaper. I bought my A* leather jacket online and got it nearly $400 cheaper.
  9. I find full leathers with a quilted rainproof jumpsuit is fantastic.
  10. anyone recommend a good leather jacket for winter?
  11. I have a Dainese Merlin, and I love it. Wasn't cheap, but is very very good.

    Pros: Warm as. Have never been cold in this jacket; removable liner makes it tolerable in summer; leather removes windchill; space for back protector; fully armoured (except back protector); has a collar, so can pass for a casual leather jacket if you go out with it; stitching and build quality is superb; plenty of pockets; can zip onto pants if they match; and the obvious pro of leather's abrasion resistance; looks good (i think at least :LOL: )

    Cons: heavy. expensive. not waterproof (lasts about 1/2 hr before water starts to seep through the stitching in heavy rain - this isn't bad i suppose, i've never used waterproofing agents on it, apparently you can use them to waterproof a leather jacket though?)

    EDIT: Note that if you look this jacket up on the Dainese website, it looks stupid as. It looks much, much better in real life.

    Disclaimer: this be my first bike jacket of any kind, so I may not be fully clued in as to what makes a good jacket
  12. pics?

    cant find on site
  13. See http://tinyurl.com/yd6cpr

    Actually the jacket doesn't look bad on the website. It's the nob wearing it that makes it look silly. The tool looks stupid cos he's got the collar popped, it doesn't have to sit like that in real life.
  14. Thickness doesn't necessarily mean warmth, thanks to modern textile technologies - Materials such as 3M's "Thinsulate" do an amazing job of keeping warmth in!

    Wearing layers under the jacket (T-shirt(s), thin jumpers) helps too.

    Don't forget to protect the extremities! Protect the neck with a thin thermal balaclava/neck-warmer, protect the hands with winter gloves and/or heated grips, handguards. Good boots can help too.

    Otherwise it's a bit like running around in the snow completely starkers aside from your favourite beanie, expecting it to keep you warm.
  15. yep wind is the real killer, you MUST keep it out and investing a few bucks ($23.50) in a Netrider neck warmer is a MUST.

  16. [​IMG]

    More sports orientated, but great jacket.

    Pros- comfy, thick leather, form-fitting, excellent build quality, great armour.

    Cons- a bit heavy, expensive, not waterproof.

    This jacket doesn't have a lot of venting, so it's fantastic in winter. I'n summer, however once it gets up to about 25 degrees, it gets uncomfortable.
  17. a bit off topic but I'm thinking of wearing my dririder textile jacket over my leather one during winter - would it be sufficient protection from the cold? I haven't tried it out yet.

    Also, what about cold legs? I've got draggins and riding boots but I remember my knees freezing solid (esp when you're going up the Blue Mountains) when I was a pillion...
  18. Buy proper textile motorcycle riding pants with a thermal liner. As for the textile over the leather, you might turn into the michelin man.
  19. Legs should be reasonably okay, especially with the little fairing on the CBR125R.

    Thermal leggins under the Draggins? Possibly waterproof overpants to help keep the wind out.

    I never bothered with anything but Draggins for my winter commutes on the Geelong freeway. Even on the naked VTR it wasn't too much of a problem. For the Icicle Ride I wore daggy tracksuit pants over my Draggins, and waxy-nylon wet-weather overpants over those to keep the cold wind out. Worked really well. Looked really daggy. :LOL: