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Good vs Bad Dealers

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by Krooza, Aug 10, 2005.

  1. As a new rider looking for my first bike, does anyone know of dealers that are helpful, reputable and will not pressure me into a sale. On the other hand, are there some that I should avoid at all costs due to high prices, dodgy bikes, and/or dodgy salesmen.

    Lets get a list going, unless there is already something posted out there. Its so hard to look through all these postings.

  2. I find dealers are good for:

    - test riding a wide range of bikes for free
    - trying on lots of gear to get the sizing right
    - getting advice on various things

    then walking out with the knowledge and buying privately.

    That said, if the planets are aligned right, you can get quite a good deal from them on occasions, so knowing exactly what $ your bike goes for - cheapest, average and maximum costs, will allow you to go in and do some bargaining.
  3. Thanx, I'll do that
  4. Sum :cry: t :cry: .........
  5. Peter Stevens in Elizabeth st. DOES give useful advice and help, regardless of the complaints some people here have. I buy all my spares through them and often bother them for info on this and that.

    Of course, regardless of who you speak to, if they are a salesman they will want to sell you something. Just walk in with your eyes open and you should be ok.

    Ray Quincy is not on my list of stores to deal with, they are on the same list that everyone else puts Sumoto on. PM to ask why.
  6. Just let fly, buddy..... :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  7. In my small experience I have found....

    PS elizabeth st are good for accessories, but bad for the motorbike itself.

    Bike mart in ringwood are pretty good.
    Redwing honda in heidleburg are great all round
    Somoto are bad, bad, bad.

    Try not to waste too much of the salespersons time if you are definately not buying from them. I was in sales once and hatted the fact that people would come to our store because of our reputation of product knowledge, but then buy off the discount chains after we had helped them decide what they wanted.
  8. I know some great dealers up here in Sydney, what drugs do you need? I can ship them to you... 8)

    OH, Motorcycle Dealerships!!! That's why it pays to read the posts and not just the header... :oops:
  9. I went to a shop in Ringwood last week to check out bikes. Im an impulsive buyer and since Im new to bikes and pretty new to OZ I thought Id let the salesman give me his patter. Unfortunatley he walked right past me several times to offer assistance to the nice looking girl who was waiting on her partner, who was buying a helmet. thats ok i thought but then another salesman comes over and walks right past me again as my mouth was half open to ask for help, straight over to the girl who AGAIN pointed out she was just waiting on her partner who was looking at helmets.
    Then they all walked back to the counter and ignored me a third time and chatted amongst themselves. probably about how she was HOT and a shame she had a partner as they had a great chance......ZZZzzzz dream on salesguy.
    So i then aproached the counter and asked if I needed Breast's to get any service in here. Then one smart ass pointed out that "it helps".
    So taking that on board I left the shop after a little bit of an abusive rant of my own.
    Lucky for me as i nearly bought a Virago........then I discovered a Honda V-twin 250.....OOOOoooooooohhhhhhhh.

    Maybe it was an Omen ?
    So Im out for one of those bigboys. Found one too. Pick it up on Sunday.

  10. Thats a great story.

    I think it must have been fate. You should write a letter to the manager of that store thanking him for having staff that act this way, as clearly you would have made a mistake and bought a bike from them if they had been professional. :LOL:
  11. I bought mine from Stafford Yamaha on Bell St in Heidelburg. They knocked heaps of the price for me, then set all levers where a like them and fixed indicators for free 6 or so weeks later after I left it in heavey rain, even though I offered to pay. While I was there I decided to buy a new jacket and boots and they knocked heaps of those just for fun too. I got concered they didn't want to make any proffit from me :-s but they sold be a great bike, good advice and very helpful and pleasant to deal with. I'd buy another fom them definately. :D
  12. Just be careful if you deal with Geoff Taylor Yamaha in Dandenong.
    An acquaintance of mine bought a bike there 3 months ago, received no paperwork other than a receipt for $5000 cash that he paid for the bike, (ie no roadworthy copy etc, or rego transfer), and a couple of weeks ago after completing a whole 400 kms on the bike during the time he'd had the bike, IT STOPPED!!--and when he took it back to them he was told it required approx. $700 worth of work on the engine, and his rear tyre wasn't roadworthy and needed replacement!!!!
    They didn't appear to believe that maybe they had some sort of obligation to make good at least some of the work requirements on the bike!!!---SO BUYER BEWARE!!!!!!

  13. Bwwwhhahahahaaaa, writing a letter to John at A1 (John Buskes= owner)??
    He woulda been the first of them boob-hopefuls :p :p :p :p
    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  14. Yea, i agree with this one. They were a bit dodgy when it came to dealing with me on a new bike even though some of the others here on these boards have had good experiences with them.

    In the end, they turned around to me and said "you live to far away from us, we don't want to do business with you"...i was in shock. :shock: :shock: :shock:

    But their loss. Both on the bike and any accessories that i might of felt like purchasing at the time. 8)

  15. Geoff Taylor in Dandenong.

    After shopping around went into geoff taylor to buy bike and gear.
    The sales guy told me it was late in the day and the boss wanted to close up. He said i could come back on monday and do the deal then. Two chances of that happening i told him you guess.
  16. .... and these wallies will be the first to complain about how hard it is in sales when they have been sacked for not achieving their targets!! Serves them right, I say!
  17. I bought the Hornet second-hand from Trevor Jordan Motorcycles in Wollongong. Pre-sales consultation was great, test ride was non-threatening (apart from signing an insurance waiver for a $2,000 excess[gulp]) and the whole process enjoyable. Service after the sales has also been good; I have no complaints at all. Would recommend.
  18. Disappointing list of bad experiences there guys. Shame to hear about Ray Quincey and Geoff Taylor. Both these gentlemen were, of course, super successful motorcycle racers. Taylor won 4 straight sidecar titles in the late 1970's and Ray was, of course a multiple Australian solo champion. In fact Ray was the first, and as far as I know, only rider to win a 125, 250, 350 and 500cc title in the one year (1975 or 1976, memory's not what it used to be.)

    Ray went OS in the late 1970's and was permanently paralysed in a road racing accident in Belgium in August 1978.
  19. I have been told that they have cleaned up their act, a new manager and he is on a mission (dunno if it was sales or access manager). I can say that I personally am yet to see a change. I had an issue with a recall and was told to have my bike to them by a certain time. I had the bike there and they told me too late, book in for another day. The recall was literally a 5 min job, tried to tell me it was a 30 min job. And of course would not supply me with the part and let me do it myself, I even offered to sign a waiver or even that they had done the labour (so could claim from manufacturer). Anyhow it confirmed two things for me. They tried to sell me a bike for 5 grand more than what I actually paid for it from another dealer, and about 7 years ago how a salesman would not sell me a bike. I wanted to know what they would do, and the salesman kept telling me to come back when I was serious. I told him I had a deposit with me and he still kept telling me to come back when I was serious. Is an interesting marketing technique, where customers beg to buy!!!! Anyhow showed him I had a 2 grand deposit in cash in my pocket and how much of a %^*&wit he was, and of course bought elsewhere. I still go to their shop these days thou as they carry a good range of accessories and I sometimes do need to get sizing :wink:

  20. Taylors are not alone, PS at dandy are much the same. I struck an accessories sales guy a little while ago. I know he was new, and young and enough arrogance for me to never ever step foot in the store ever again. And I was just in there for a look at a few things!!

    Bottom line is I think it is the people you deal with, more than the dealer itself that makes the biggest difference. I blame the dealer when they knowlingly allow it to happen. In the PS example I made sure his boss knew about it, and he was arrogant even to his boss. I checked 2 weeks later and he is still working there. Hence I wont be back ever!!

    If you do find someone helpful, open and as honest as you can find em, then do yoruself a favour and work with them. Saving a few dollars by hunting around can help you sometimes, but the advice and guidance from someone really helpful may save you more in the long run.