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Good Visor Down piece on Hi-Vis

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by MV, Feb 12, 2014.

  1. An opinion piece, but a very informed one.

    This, I think, was the thrust of the article:

  2. I agree. At work it's compulsory to wear a hi vis vest. If you don't you are not allowed on site. It is amazing how quickly they are noticed and reprimanded, but all those with vests seem to meld into the environmental graffiti of flashing lights, reversing beepers, warning tape and witches hats. No different on the road.
  3. Absolutely!

    This Hi-vis business is all crap.

    Stick with the black stuff.
  4. Ha! Nice to see old Mutchie's still around. I started reading his stuff 30 years ago and he was a cantankerous old bastard then :D.

    I tend to agree with him, both in terms of slippery slopes and also in terms of, if your safety and continued existence is regularly reliant on the (fairly minor) difference in visibility hi-viz gives you, you're doing something dangerously wrong.

    Having said that, my current commuting jacket is eyewatering hi-viz yellow. I wear it in the hope, not that more people might see me, but that those who do may be briefly fooled into thinking I might be a cop. Because, whatever you might think of coppers, they don't get SMIDSY'd much.
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  5. [quote="PatB, post: 2695326,]Because, whatever you might think of coppers, they don't get SMIDSY'd much.[/quote]

  6. source?[/quote]

    Purely anecdotal :D.