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Good Vibrations...NOT

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Bamm-Bamm, Feb 14, 2006.

  1. Hi everybody, I have a bit of a problem with the old Hornet and need a bit of help :(

    In the last few weeks I have noticed an unpleasant vibration through my r/h handgrip which after say 10 mins or so at freeway speeds makes my fingers and hand go numb. I took the bike into Performance Bikes and Watercraft in Morrabbin today(awesome bunch of blokes btw) and they took it for a test ride and said it feels fine and rides really well, they suggested that a combination of my non standard bar ends and mirrors may have been contributing to the problem asnd suggested i may also hold the bars too tight( gotta be ready for rampant cagers eh).

    It was suggested that i try standard bar ends again as they are heavier and they may help damp the vibration, failing that the factory mirrors are heavier too which may also help and a last suggestion was to try some foam grips. I don't want to get rid of my nice bar ends I've got so what would you suggest I can do to add weight to the bars...perhaps put something inside the bar ends thats heavy but won't move around.

    Any suggestions?

  2. I can only agree with the advice that they've given, even though it means losing some of your customisation. My 600 version sometimes has a small 'sizzle' through the left bar, but it has standard bar-ends and standard mirrors.....
  3. but I want my bling... ](*,)
  4. And here I was thinking this would be a gig review of Good Vibrations from Sunday in Melb.

    Oh well.....
  5. You can have that, as long as you don't mind the sting :LOL:
  6. Touche! :grin:
  7. Are the non-std bar ends and/or mirrors a recent addition? ie. they have been on the bike basically since you noticed the vibration?

    First try them back on and see if that solves the problem

    If the non-std are the issue .. then get some decent weighted bling bar ends, instead of cheap lightweight shite.
  8. Does any of your wiring travel through the bars? If not, then try pumping the bars full of silicon -the cheapest & nastiest you can find. Seems to dampen the vibes of big single cylinders quite well :grin:
  9. try a bit of tinsel tied to the ends.
    this should stabilise the bars effeciently
    and you will also get your bling :p :LOL:
    i put big motocross enduro hadlebars on my rhonda and ive had no vibrations at all.....
  10. Mouth,

    I have had the bar ends and mirrors on the bike for a while and have not noticed it before, however when washed my bike last i did notice that one of my mirrors is broken and maybe that is part of the cause...

    Umm I ruined the old bar ends getting them off..so i binned them may try adding some weight insde the bars to see if that helps

    Where to get some decent ones...I got these from Bikemart and that was all they had



    PS: Don't want to do halls gap unless it's fixed...1000k's of twisty roads with a numb throttle and brake hand...no thanks :shock:
  11. Yeah, wear thicker gloves :LOL:
  12. trade it in on any multicylinder bike with dampers and secondary balance shafts.

    Or follow their advice or just put up with it.
  13. Check that you're firing on all cylinders. If one's not firing, that could cause extra vibrations....

  14. What roarin said, it works.
  15. Hmm .. take them both off and go for a ride and see if things change? If you hadn't previously noticed it, then it's likely something changed recently when you did start to notice it

    Try a wreckers for a couple of factory one's? Or find out the weight of factory one's and get some bling one's with same weight? Maybe a dealer will lend you a couple for 20mins to put on and see if things change. If you've had the current one's for a while though, and they've been fine prior, then this is unlikely to be the problem.
  16. yeah, a good thing to check. Or perhaps a balancing weight has come off the front wheel rim, and the lack of balance in the front wheel is causing the vibration into the handlebars?
  17. Sometimes unevenly worn tyres can cause vibration depending on the tread pattern????????