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Good value socket set

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' at netrider.net.au started by ibast, May 14, 2012.

  1. last year I got some money for my birthday and Christmas. I didn't actually need anything, so I decided to buy some stuff I want rather than need. This is a bit of an odd concept for me as I'm not really a consumer in that sense.

    Now I have a good quality 1/2" socket set but it really is overkill for a motorcycle. Even for the car it's a bit butch for a lot of bolts.

    I also have a cheap 3/8" & 1/4" set. It's lasted but it's not nice to use. it adapts down to 1/4" and is a bit fiddly and sloppy.

    So I did some research and ended up with a 1/4" set from Calibre. I can't speak highly enough of this set. Compared to my other socket sets it's like working with instruments, rather than tools.

    Things I like:

    • No plastic or rubber on ratchet
    • Knurled finish on extension bars
    • Socket lock on ratchet
    • Easy direction change on ratchet
    • Hand driver doubles as another extension
    • Knuckle in kit
    • Precision finish of component and quality Mo construction
    • Minimal hysteresis in ratchet

    the only complaint is I got caught out with some of the smaller imperial sockets, so I've added a few from my old set.

    The best thing is it's actually cheaper than the 3 leading brands and I'd say it's superior to the most famous of those.

    The only thing I regret is not getting the 1/4" & 3/8" set. I'm keeping an eye out for the 3/8" set on special. I don't think I'll be using my 1/2" set much once I get that.

    You get them at Supercheap, but they are not the usual Supercheap crap.

    Here's a few photos:

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  2. one last one

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  3. where'd yah get it n how much?
  4. Superchaep. $65 from memory. May have been $95. Still good value at that.
  5. Thanks for posting. Always nice to know about good value tools that may not have the profile of the famous brands. Who's the third leading brand by the way? I can think of two, both of whose names imply shininess, but I'm stumped for number three. Unless it's a certain mobile only trade supplier :D.

    Best socket set I ever owned was a made in Japan 1/2" set from an outfit called Tool Star. It couldn't have cost very much 'cos it was a present from my dad, who had decidedly Wal-Mart tendencies, and it came in a rather unpreposessing plain brown tin box, but it lasted for a decade and a half of serious abuse, including scaffold poles on the T-bar, use on ultra tight Whitworth nuts with grit in the socket to make the bastard fit and sundry other crimes against engineering. I knackered one socket whilst using it as a makeshift press tool but otherwise it survived amazingly well. I only gave it up because I had to divest most of my worldly posessions in order to migrate. It's probably still around somewhere.

    So if you ever see anything with ToolStar - Made In Japan stamped on it, buy it quick before I get to it.
  6. That's it. I'm not attached to a workshop (directly) at the moment and I doubt they do 1/4" anyway.
  7. I bought a kit at Aldi for $40. Have not let me down yet.
  8. I always questioned the Calibre brand...then again I haven't used one myself so can't really say. I buy my tools from Total Tools...they have lifetime warranty and for the price, it is bang for buck, especially when they have sales on!
  9. I had my doubts too, given that it was stocked at Supercrap, but these are really schmick. I've done some significant work to the bike in the past few weeks and these have been faultless.
  10. If you mean the Shiny Red firm they do 1/4, and to be honest the OP looks very much like a copy of it...

  11. Yeah, looking through the Snap-On sight just now, I see the similarity.

    If the material in the Calibre is of the same calibre as Snap-On then I'm even more impressed.
  12. repco?
  13. Snap on quality??
    For the price they charge they shouldnt need a warranty the stuff ahould be bullet proof.
    Its not.
    The reason a lot of people buy snap on is because they can pay it off over time. The reason its so expensive is not so much related to the quality but the defaults on the tool sales.
  14. I've broke one snap tool in30 years a rachet which they replaced last year.

    I've got some Blue Point too which was cheaper at the time.
  15. odly enough,
    for a chrismas and 18th birthday present my old-man bought me an apprentice mechanic tool set from supercheap, (was $400 or $500) and around 140 peice (socket set, spanner set, screw driver set, 3 draw tool box, and some other bits and peices like pliers, hacksaw, wirecutters, hammers and vice grips.

    anyway my old man is a hydraulic engineer and a fitter tool maker by trade....
    in his opinion its the best socket set hes used. my tools are in at his workshop. with his sitting in the back shed, un-used. bit annoying when i want to do maintanace - but it lets me get acces to the workshop when i need to do something

    problem is i lost a screwdriver from it.....
    and well the ones they sell seperate just arent the same.
  16. About 18-24 months ago I needed some tools, small sockets and spanners etc, but all my own tools were in storage in another city... so off to SuperCheap for something to just do the job. Ended up a very good quality set of Stanley, much much better than they were in my youth, but still quite cheap.

    It's a 70-odd piece metric combo set of spanners, 1/4" and 3/8" sockets and bits... so it's only good up to anything with a 14mm head... but it's a bloody ripper!

    Couple a set like this with a 1/2" drive handle, a few bigger sockets, and you've got everything you'll need for most bike maintenance jobs.

    Add a good torque wrench, the odd speciality tool, and a micrometer, and you're set up enough to challenge valve adjustments or even a rebuild... but, with todays tool prices, you'll be doing it cheaper than the cost of the labour at your local workshop.

    Add a good manual, and give some due care to what you're doing, and it's money in your pocket and a greater satisfaction in your ride.
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  17. my 3/8 socket set and ratchet spanners are SWG, the predecessor to calibre.
    i'm more cautious with the spanners, but the 3/8 ratchet has had more than it's fair share of concrete introductions over the 5odd years i've had it, and it's never given a hint of trouble.
    if memory serves, they're made by sidchrome
  18. That Calibre ratchet looks exactly the same as the ones in my Crescent set.

    Crescent is a Cooper Hand Tools brand and a similar story, very cheap but good quality (and lifetime replacement warranty).
  19. I've always brought Kinchrome or Sidchrome, never had a problem with them and they get a beating. Everyone complains of the price tag but they are seriously not that bad, otherwise you obviously haven't seen what "Professional Engineering Grade" tools cost...

    I couldn't tell you want my 7 draw chest full of tools has set me back of the years, but then again i do a lot more then just average maintenance
  20. I don't do a single thing with tools, but I love them so much anyway that I read through this whole thread despite not knowing what you were talking about most of the time