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Good ute?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Krollinator, Aug 28, 2012.

  1. Anyone know anything about the 8 cyl utes for carrying bikes? Tray space, handling under load ect.

    More talking about the play utes like the xr8 or ssv and stuff... Going to go off my P's soon and I'm thinking about upgrading to a play ute, and if I'm going to get a ute I'd like to be able to take the bike in it... Anyone had any experiences with like a BA ute or AUxr8, or ss or something? I've heard the AU's are notorious for having problems...
  2. xr6 turbo.
  3. datsun 1200.
  4. I had a 6 cyl AU sedan, second best car ive ever owned, nothing went wrong really before I sold it except a seatbelt pretensioner, one of the door locks and the usual wear and tear (small oil leaks, belts etc)

    XR8 has a very heavy engine which some feel affects the handling, as mentioned try the turbo 6, the BA mk1 produced more power than the equivalent SS :D
  5. the AU's were more reliable than the BA's the BF's were ok though. as far as tray space, you can fit a bike but you have to leave the tailgate down, or strap it half up as bikes are generally a little bit longer than the tray. That or put the bike on an angle. Fords can carry more weight but any ute will take a bike or two easily.
  6. XR6 Turbo late BF would be the go or FG if you can afford it.
  7. Go the XR6/XR6 turbo. Mate of mine has one for his bike/boat towing loves. did a lot of research comparissions etc overall the ford can carry bigger loads was more cmofy and did better deals thats what he found anyway.
  8. Don't think I'd like the datsun mate. :p

    If I can afford one when I upgrade - I reckon this'll be the go.
    Sick - good to know!
    I wish I could afford an FG... Being a uni student though I think that would be aiming a little too high... :p
    I'd have to go the XR6 turbo... I'm going off my restrictions so I need to buy what I couldn't have (Y) So it'll either be an xr6 turbo or xr8... Any fighers from the holden side of things?
  9. if you are considering carrying bikes in the back of the ute then just be aware that those bars that come stock in the sports utes are pretty much for show only.
    You don't want to go attaching your pride and joy to them.
  10. The AU's are REALLY cheap... for a reason.
    As a rule they more than their fair share of problems and being an Aussie car will pretty much all be falling apart by now.

    Depends of course on how much money you have.

    I'd second the 6 as opposed to the 8. Cheaper rego and fuel costs.

    Best way to carry a bike in a ute is one of these (brand not what I'm getting at, just design): http://www.discountramps.com/baxley-trailer-chock.htm
  11. Get the SS, the GENIII etc is a solid motor strangled by Holden.

    For $2000 or less (exhaust, intake, tune) you can have 250kw at the rears in the 5.7 and more in the 6.0, not to mention way way way better economy

    Much easier and cheaper to get power from than the Fords. Besides Ford havent built a "ute" since XH, they build pickups lately like Jap workhorses (cab/chassis)

    Fuel wise after mine was tuned (VU SS) I was getting 550 min from a tank and I drove it pretty hard everywhere, that's as good as a 6, if not better, and way more fun, not to mention the sound :) Plus it had 250kw at the rears.
  12. Don't buy a VE ute. One smallish bingle on either quater panel and it's all over red rover...Worst design on an Aussie ute.
  13. Ford Utes carry more load, but I'd steer clear of BA sketchy build quality and lots of 4spd auto problems. bf 6cyl na or turbo better than 8 unless you just like the v8s rumble, most au's will be getting tired now.

    Holden vu onwards independent suspension much better handling, vu onwards gen3 v8 offers good bang for you buck, ecotec is a boat anchor but pretty bullet proof as are the auto's if you don't thrash it.

    Lots of Aussie Utes are well overpriced so shop around.
  14. Most "play" utes tend to have a smaller tray, so you either have to leave the tray door open or park the bike sideways, either way should be fine I think. Legalities wise, not sure if you are allowed to have the tail gate open?

    Personally I'd get a Ford XR6 Turbo with an aluminimum tray...I just don't like the hub design...too big and bulky with less room to put stuff in. Aluminium tray you can fit the whole bike on and close the tail gate. Steer away from BA Mk1...BF would be a better option.
  15. I see I see. How much would you be looking at for a decent VU SS? (Running is decent for me) :p

    I shall keep that in mind - thanks.
    I love the v8's rumble... And the speed and power of the car doesn't really phase me. Like - I want it to have some, but the bike will be the real adreniline. I just want a play car. :p But I think I could deal with an xr6 turbo. I also like the fact you can stick it in auto but also have control of the gears...
    I'll start having a look around, cheers!

    There aren't really any other play utes on the market are there? I absolutely HATE the idea of those hilux's that try to be play utes...
  16. Not really to be honest. Unless you consider a F350 truck a play ute or something of the like. The more variety of utes available are usually work horses, such as your Hilux, Triton, BT50 etc and being diesel, they have plenty of torque for work purposes...which actually will make towing a breeze if you ever need to. I drive a 96 Ford EL Fairmont and tow a trailer with bike, 3 people and a boot full of gear without issues, but it does suck a lot of juice at the same time. Managed 18s 0-100 with the above attached, which I thought was pretty impressive for an old 6 cylinder!
  17. VUs are pretty cheap now, Ive seen decent ones in Tas for 12ish, so they would be cheaper on the mainland.

    Depending on what you want to spend though, VY and VZs do have a nicer interior and some VZs got the 6.0L motor but I like the VU rounded front on the utes.

    You'd be able to get a nice VZ for somewhere around 20 now I reckon.

    Oh and stick to manual, yeah Autos are better these days, but im yet to see an auto that you can sidestep the clutch in...
  18. As long as you don't want to be able to tow a decent load. Both Holden and Ford utes have considerably less payload and tow rating on manuals.
  19. Valid point, and to be honest one I didnt consider as I never even had a towbar!

    No problem with a bike or two or a box trailer behind the manuals, but yeah if its a car trailer or a horse float one a regular basis for example, you might have to go the sludgamatic granny tranny instead. Make sure it has a trans cooler though as well
  20. So far it looks like i'll be more in the market for an 05ish xr6T bf... Not upgrading for another year... But I figure there's no harm in looking around :p

    The prices'll probably drop a bit in the next year anyway.