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Good Upgrade from a CB250 (no jokes please!)

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Nick Savage, Nov 11, 2005.

  1. I am looking to upgrade from a CB250 to a bigger bike.
    Has anyone got any sensible suggestions please?
    I am looking towardsa 500 or 600cc bike but not a 'sports' boy racer type of thing.

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  3. Considered the half-faired version of Yamaha's FZ6?
  4. it would depend on budget i guess, but probably a SV650 would keep you the happiest. its a Vtwin so not as racey as the inline 4s (bandit, hornet, Z etc.), but is still a great bike with plenty of punch to keep you happy for a while. an ER5 or GS500 would be ok i guess, but i'd consider them the CB250s of the middle range.... boring as batshit in both the looks and performance stakes :LOL:

    what kinda budget are we looking at? because an older big bore would be an option too, i'd love to get an old Z1000 some day for the times when i dont feel like racing everywhere :D
  5. I went from a 250 Virago to a 900 Hornet. It took me about 2 weeks with 800 km's of riding to adjust to the power difference. As long as you dont release the clutch too fast you'll be right! :D
  6. The guys riding Hornets are VERY happy, in fact :LOL:
    96 hp in a 250-sized frame, huge contact patch front and rear, bla blah zz z z z zzzzzzzzzzzz
  7. As well as the SV650 there is the new Kawasaki ER-6n ( has replaced the ER-5) looks a bit different to you standard nake i.e. droopy front headlight which not everyone likes but worth a look.

    The Kawasaki Z750 has had good reviews. Apparently easy to ride at low rpms and really pulls around 6-7k rpm.

  8. Thanks for all the replies so far!
    I hadn't considered the Hornet before...
    budget is about $7k to $8k tops (including trade on the C8)

    Just have to jump on the right bike at the right time!
    cheers 8)
  9. If you can find a Hornet 6 at a good price you'll love it forever. They're mad little bastards but extremely friendly and easy to ride as well.

    Course I'm biased.

    I love the looks of the new model Fazer 600 Yamaha too, but I've never taken one out for a spin. I've heard good things about the reliability of the older Fazers... But for my money with a slightly older bike it'd be a Hornet 6. They're brilliant fun.
  10. It always depends on what you like when you get on.

    I was checking out a Hornet 6 vs a CBR 6 and the CBR was more comfortable and somehow I clicked better with it.

    I learnt more on the CBR6 than any other bike. Now I have a ZX6R 99 which I am happy to sell as a learner upgrade. (but I am in Melb!!) as it is v similar to the CBR6 I had.