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Good to see a bit of common sense in the courtroom!

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by pringa8, Feb 28, 2008.

  1. Jihad accused 'just hopeless'

    By Norrie Ross

    February 28, 2008 02:31pm
    Article from: Herald Sun

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    THE leader of an alleged Melbourne terrorist cell could not organise a booze-up in a brewery, a defence lawyer told the Supreme Court today.
    Defence barrister James Montgomery SC scoffed at the prosecution's claim that the 12 men on trial were members of an organisation that was ready to carry out terrorist attacks.

    Mr Montgomery said an organisation needed structure and some form to it and not just a vague assertion by the prosecution.

    He told the jury to look closely at the so-called leader of the group, Abdul Nacer Benbrika.

    "You may form the view Mr Benbrika could not lead ants to sugar. Couldn't organise a booze-up in a brewery let alone organise a terrorist organisation," Mr Montgomery said.

    Opening the case for accused Hany Taha, the SC said his client was a panel beater from Coburg not a terrorist.

    Mr Montgomery said Mr Taha was accused of being a member of a terrorist organisation and of making funds available to it or attempting to make funds available to it.

    He took the jury to a secretly-recorded conversation in which Mr Taha says he hasn't contributed anything for a long time to the "sandooq", which the Crown says was the fund for a planned terrorist act.

    "Here he is this committed terrorist, behind in his payments," Mr Montgomery said. "He can't even put up a few bob from his weekly pay."
  2. Muslims who agree with the concept of Jihad should be deported anyway.
  3. Having heard a few comments from someone who has inside information on the evidence available in this case.
    I think an incompitance plea may just work.
    It would apear that the group was intent on Jihad... But whether they had the compitance to actually do anything coulld definately be up for grabs.

    In Short... they are Morons.
  4. Violent jihad, sprititual jihad is something differnt altogether.

    Nice troll by the way Ktulu, one of your better ones :grin:
  5. Useless or not, he's still a c*nt and I don't know why we should tolerate that at all.

    He gave money in the past to a terrorist group, correct? Non-citizen, deport. Citizen, jail time.

    I don't think the whole thing is very funny.
  6. Seems reasonable [not knowing any details], stupid people sometimes succeed!
  7. Well the US supplied the Taliban so should they go to jail?

    And yes, these morons should go to jail anyway.

    On a side note, i've never really understood the fear of terrorism, like it's something knocking on my backdoor. I mean that's what they're trying to do right? - strike fear, so if you fear them, havne't they already won? I'm more likely to die riding to work :(
  8. You may or may not live in fear of having your bike stolen. In fact it's probably far more likely that you will write your bike off in a single vehicle accident, than have it stolen. Forget about the thieves then???

    Terrorism isn't something that leaves me fearing for my safety, but regardless, it's still despicable shit that goes on, and good on 'em for chasing it up.
  9. Please dont mistake my thoughts on the matter as being soft on people that get caught, these blokes deserve jail time.

    I wont forget about theives, but I wont alter my way of life in fear of them, like chaining it up with three chains and getting CCTV put in my garage with armed guards protecting it.
  10. Personally, I've no problem with jailing f*ckwits of any stripe. At least it gets them out of the breeding population for a while :grin: .

    Trouble is, whilst the authorities conduct the show trial of a bunch of idiots who were daft enough to temporarily lose their only copy of Explosives for Dummies, the guys who really are dangerous (if there are any in Australia, a possibility which I'll accept) evade detection through having IQs above 65 :evil: .
  11. Yep, good point! This is the whole joke of it all.
  12. Spiritual Jihad could be used to justify the oppression of women, entirely reasonably.
    By definition it is the struggle for the daily goal of the Muslim to be free of sin and obey Allah ie. make women wear hijabs because ignorant men lack self control. Of course that's a far cry from a suicide bombing, so it's obviously not Special Naughty Violent Jihad.

    Drawing such distinctions between 'types of Jihad' only does the same thing a global Muslim population of peace loving Muslims who pretend bits of the Quoran aren't there, does for terrorists: gives the fundamental problems a shred of legitimacy to hide behind, so the evil is prevented from being properly exposed and dealt with.

    Whatever version of Jihad someone likes to believe in: if they hold that their personal beliefs or 'spiritual entitlements' take a higher priority than the safety and self-determination of others who are no threat: they should be shot in the face.

    Yes, I thought so. Carefully crafted, youll notice... and way better than "Motorcycles are gay." or anything :p
  13. Amen, whats that old saying about if you have enough monkeys with typewriters they will eventually accidentally type out the complete works of shakespear...