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Good to be back

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by gegvasco, Mar 15, 2006.

  1. After 3 months away working in a place where it was too dangerous on the roads to even take a test ride of a bike, I have finally returned to be re-united with the joys of riding. Have been averaging 100km a day since being back, and that is with only one 200km ride out of the city - rest is general cruising around the city of a nighttime.

    While I was away I certainly didn't forget how important riding is to me, but damn, it is so good to be back in the saddle again. Took about 100km riding through the city before I felt confident again after the hiatus. Even got caught in the rain yesterday down Wollongong way yesterday without wets but it didn't worry me at all. Was having too much fun.

    Hooked? Shit yeah!

    Anyone else have similar thoughts after an enforced break from riding?
  2. Welcome back you Eels supporter :p
  3. mate i cant understand why u would do that...
    if bike dosnt come i dont work there...
    lol :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
    got to have some plesures while working lol
    good to have u back mate...
  4. :grin: Welcome back.

    I had a break for awhile after a big scare, sold my bike, but quickly got sick of driving the cage to work.

    I still don't commute anymore on the bike (only every now and then), as I changed jobs and get a lift with the girl these days. But I have a new bike.

    Makes me enjoy it even more every other time I get out on the road tho. And dare I admit it, I even miss riding in the rain.

    BTW NOICE BIKE :biker:
  5. You shaken all that sand out of your joks yet Greg.

    Glad your back home safe and sound, your probably not even allowed to tell us where you were, (my guess:starts with an R and is in S.A.)
    but can you tell me what you were flying in?
  6. Welcome back

    I'm still without wheels, and IT SUCKS! :evil:

    But soon... sooon I will be back to riding.

  7. Thanks for the welcome back guys. Just in time for the footy season too. Not a good start for my beloved Eels though. Next step is a ride up to Brisbane to see the Godfather and back - up the New England, back via the Coast. First long distance trip(unless you count Sydney-Canberra).

    AF2AF3: G'Day mate. Sure took a while to get the sand out, bloody stuff gets into everything. Was flying a desk at a HQ actually. Man, what an eye-opener. You have no idea how much f%^&ed up shit is going on in the world and how endemic attrocities are until you have been to an area like the Middle East(ie. you suddenly find yourself in the "Need to know" category). Got a new ride? Nice!