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Good times at Kawasaki!

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by RacingTurtles, Oct 2, 2010.

  1. Recession... What recession? Kawasaki are ON FIRE this year. Just have a look at these new models:

    Top of the line newZX10 taking on BMW (never thought you'd be saying that when taking about performance bikes, did ya!). Now released official power figure of 207hp at the crank, traction control etc etc... Power figure is nice, but tell us the price!


    Now this is something I'm VERY interested in: the faired version of Z1000, called Z1000SX - useful fairing and thank god, more normal clocks instead of that 'cheap stereo' thing they stuck on naked Z1000... suddenly you get a very practical bike yet still with that excellent Z1000 motor. Finally a real competitor for Yamaha's FZ1. What's not to like?


    W650 was by all accounts a wonderful bike: some call it a take on classic Bonnie that was better than Triumph's own new Bonnie. Now comes a new, bigger version: W800. Yes, I want that one too :)


    Finally, Z750 gets slight cosmetic upgrades plus the one thing every review (especially in UK 'Bike') was screaming about: better suspension. Nice, but at this point I'm far more interested in Z1000SX.

  2. If I know Kawasaki, fuel tank size. [-(
  3. The new ZX10R, in Black, certainly has my attention, and I've never been fond of Kawa's.
  4. It really is an impressive lineup.

    The new ZX-10R is quite a shot over the European's bow. No doubt we'll see Yamaha, Honda and Suzuki with similar offerings sooner rather than later.

    The SX looks fantastic as well but for me it's a W800 please.
  5. A quick search says that the z1000sx has a 19L tank. Not the biggest but it seems to be quite reasonable for a bike of that size.

    Compared to a lot of other new concept models I've seen these new Kwakas have won me over in cosmetics, thats for sure.
    Don't know if (or when) I'd stray from Honda though
  6. Cheers mate, good find. Will be interesting to see it in the flesh!
  7. I want one of those W800's... possibly 2, then rephase the crankshaft on the second one or turn it into a giant scrambler :D

    To bad I'm still stuck on my P's for a while... how long are greens in NSW again? one year or two?
  8. all looking pretty good... if i start saving now...
  9. The 1000S looks like something a lot of people will love.

    When the ZX-9 was replaced by the ultra-sport 1000 a lot of people mourned the loss of a fast tourer that could scratch with the best of them on real roads.
  10. that z1000sx looks like it got slapped by a v-strom. yurgh.
  11. Z1000SX looks fantastic i reckon... but i want to know one thing... WTF are kwaka thinking with the exhaust styles lately. Ugh!
  12. 207 at the crank? Didn't the beamer claim 180 at the crank but then get rated at 193 at the wheel? And is it me or is that air intake smaller than the giant ****off thing they had on one of the earlier pics?

    I'm with mr messy, the exhausts are shocking. Lucky nobody keeps the stockers.
  13. Claimed 193 at the crank and 183 at the back wheel on the BMW, so it is probably more like 200 at the crank. WTF, the exhausts on this thing looks like something out of Startrek.
  14. Although the true power figures have yet to be seen, I would not be surprised if those were reasonably close to the final product. I imagine BMW have awoken a sleeping giant as it were in the Big 4, who have being traditionally fearful of restrictive legislation killing powerful bikes. With BMW leading the charge, I think we may be witnessing the beginning of an era, The 200HP Superbikes.
  15. Yeah. Some nice new touches over the W650.

    Sad to see the kickstart go though.
  16. Time to upgrade I think :)
  17. You probably also miss those good days when you could start your car with a hand crank, do you?
  18. The W800 is the only one that interests me.

    As to the kick start, having kick started some modern bikes I do wonder why you'd bother with a starter motor.