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Good time to get a tv?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by smee, Dec 19, 2009.

  1. Samsung have a deal going where u can get a lcd/led tv and get a second 22 or 26 inch tv for nix, best quote i got was 2400 for a 40 inch led and the 26 incher for nix.
    Apart from this deal does anyone in the know, have some inside info as to what sort of deals the jb's good guys etc will have in the stocktakes or should I scoop this one up?
    PM me if you think you may get in trouble.

  2. Good Guys have a Gen 5 full hi-def Samsung 50" plasma with a bonus LCD tv for $1899, or something like that. The Gen 5 was over $2500 dealer buy price six months ago.
  3. Yep seen the plasmas go down down etc. but I'm after an LED for the sheer fact it's sooo thin, great to add to a wall, plasmas get too hot for my liking.
  4. Smee, a friend of mine picked up a 40" series 7 from Harvey Norman for $2,349 last weekend (they beat the $2,399 from another HN store after having it pointed out that's the price and not the higher price they had advertised). Apparently the series 7 are exclusive to them. It is series 6 and 8 elsewhere. If you're going to hold out for the post Christmas sales you'll be disappointed. You may or may not save another hundred or two off the price but there won't be the bonus 26" as part of the deal any more. LG and Samsung had the bonus tv deals anywhere from mid Oct to Dec in the last couple of years. That's the time to buy IMO.
  5. i disagree with that statment

    i have a 50" 1080p and a 60"1080p plasma and...... a 55" 1080p LCD

    there is no difference in screen temps when measured with my laser thermometer, the 60" gets 5deg c warmer than the 55" LCD

    small price to pay considering it shits all over the lcd, and the LCD isnt shabby, but i like the cinema experience and dark movies play so much smoother and more natural on a plasma

    but as i prefer plasma to lcd i tell everyone who just wants a flatscreen tv to get a LCD

    btw op the samsung LED range is very skinny, i have my 50 and 55" wall mounted and it's pretty handy, i have an apple tv and slim PS3 mounted on the wall behind it for the complete stealth look, something your not going to be able to do with a flush mount tv (and mine dosent sit any further off the wall than anyother regular LCD/Plasma wall mounted)
  6. Smee is correct about plasmas giving off more heat. Its a fact. Go to HN or JB where they've got lots of tvs set up and you feel much more heat radiating from plasmas than LCDs of the same size. In general, I could feel the heat from plasmas standing 1-1.5 m away and felt the same degree of heat from 0.5-1 m away with an LCD. I couldn't detect much at all from an LED when I was right up at it.

    If you can't sense it then the power consumption and star rating for the standard test tells you the story. The better power rated plasmas chew through around 600 kWh each year and some are in the 800s for the same size. LCDs range between the high 400s to the high 500s. LEDs are around the high 300s to low 400s. That's what I noticed/observed for the 40" to 46" sizes the last time I was in JB (a couple of weeks ago).

    For the same price, the picture looks better on plasmas than on an LCD but if you don't have the two to compare next to each other then the 1080p LCD with reasonable contrast ratio and refresh rate will look pretty good. Sony stopped making plasmas years ago. I think that's saying something.

    Laptop and netbook computer screens are now LED backlit. It is quite likely all tvs will go that way as well. I can't see new plasmas being further developed and sold for much longer unless they can address their comparatively high power usage. The general rule of if you want 50+" then plasma is the only way to go no longer applies.
  7. I've got a Panasonic Viera 42" plasma and you can only feel heat - well more like warmth really - coming from it if you place your hand over the vents at the top. The screen is cool and the side vents are cool, so I find this thing about heat and plasmas rather interesting. I guess different brands will have different energy requirements and put out differing amounts of heat.

    BTW, the fact that Sony stopped making plasmas years ago tells you nothing about the relative merits of plasma vs LCD - to me it suggests they were cost saving by simplifying production.
  8. Ooo, a tv thread! How convenient. I need a tv. Bring on the post Xmas sales!
  9. Sony were probably buying their panels from Samsung anyway; most manufacturers do. Samsung is the biggest OEM maker in the world.

    I'm less concerned about heat from my plasma, but if the power consumption figures are correct, then an LED would be terrific.

    {BTW, as far as I know, Samsung invented the LED technology too.}
  10. Bit of a Samsung fan are we H? :p
  11. Yeah the LED TV's are awesome and yes they generally consume 1/3 less power than other TV types due to the nature of the technoledgy.

    I think the deal is great but like everything else when something new comes out the $ will drop. Its always a matter of do you really need (read: want) it now or can you be stuffed waiting. I say just go for the deal. It's pretty good IMO.
  12. Hey Smee, I'll bet now that you regret starting this thread...

    Me, I'd probably for for that deal, if indeed, buying this larger screen by itself is a deal compared to elsewhere.

    As for plasmas, I have an ancient Panasonic SD 42" job. Still does the job, and the picture quality is OK given that most crap on televsion is in SD (even on alleged HD channels).