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Good Sydney Triumph Servicing?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Morbo28, Jun 4, 2011.

  1. Hey all,

    The Daytona needs a major service, can anyone recommend a good quality place in Sydney? It needs clearances etc, so I would prefer someone who really knows what they are doing, preferably a Triumph specialist.

    I had a great place to get it serviced in Melbourne, but don't know any of the places up here.

    Any advice would be great ta ;)
  2. I've heard really great things about the mobile mechanic, Mark Walker, and I plan on getting my Trumpy serviced with him in the next month or two. Also the convenience of him coming to you!


    I would also recommend S & R PRO VERY highly, I've had work done with them before on my Trumpy and they were efficient, better priced than all others I'd found and really decent guys. They are in Penrith:


    I've also heard great things about Balmain Motorcycles - but have never used them.


    EDIT: ALL of these are Triumph specialists. Do NOT take it to anyone who's not.

    Also, if you can wait a month or so, Lloyd Penn in Artarmon are getting a Triumph specialist mechanic in. They've got one of the best reps in Sydney AFAIK.

  3. Champion, lowercase!

    I'm in the inner west so the Balmain one is appealling, but since you say good things about the Penrith one I could take it out there and train it back....

    Thanks, have a basket full of mostly booze...

  4. Hehehe thanks dude. No worries. Call all three, and maybe some others - and see what prices you get and what response you get. No use going somewhere if they fob you off on the phone. My thread on heated handgrips proved that - I had to call around and ensure I was getting the place that was a good price AND didn't speak to me like an idiot on the phone. Took a while, but was worth it :)
  5. Charlie wont be happy, someone else is touching that bike now... Ill go tell him!! ha ha
  6. Lol no keep that under your hat...and don't tell him I'm about to put Dunlops on it!!! :LOL:
  7. my secret... Oh yeah and where is my basket of goodies???

    Q2's... getting put on?
  8. Yeah Q2s I think, whatever the deal is...if you buy a set of Dunlops from Madaz within six months of doing a CSS, you get a free EC Track Day :grin:

    Oh and cold wash only thanks mate...and would it kill you to iron them?

  9. the black and white striped shirt is now mine... but here's the rest, courtesy of gilesy

  10. Good work team - ironed and everything ;)

    At the risk of mentioning something on topic, I booked the Daytona for a service at the Balmain joint for the major service, so I'll see how they go. Thanks for the tip, lc.

    I'll report back on how good they are. Gotta love forums - every time a member goes to a shop it's like a published mystery shopper visit :grin:
  11. They were nice on the phone, hey? :)