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Good suspension workshop in Sydney

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by art, Nov 4, 2010.

  1. Would like to share my very positive experience with Terry Hay's "Shock Treatment" workshop in Wallacia, NSW.

    I kept fiddling with suspension settings on my Hornet 900, but could not tune it to behave properly. Went to Terry's workshop and he immediately identified the problem - too soft fork springs. He suggested upgrading springs and replacing fork oil with a thicker grade. Work has been done very quickly and very professionally. After upgrade bike is a real pleasure to ride.

    Actually I already had opportunity to test new suspension in two really nasty situations - huge pothole in a turn at 70 km/h and emergency braking (just another car driver did not see me). In both situations I managed not to drop the bike which probably would not be possible with the old factory springs.

    Terry's site: http://www.shocktreatment.com.au

  2. whats his prices like?
  3. They did full front suspension rebuild (installed pair of RaceTech springs, replaced seals/valves, polished fork legs, replaced oil in forks, etc). Terry also tested and adjusted both rear and front suspension.

    I paid 500 for all above.
  4. That's not bad actually.
  5. hes pretty well known around Sydney, does the track days at EC
  6. Darlings the seed of his loins is Grant who races in Formula Oz.
    Hay senior is a lovely fellow, you could do a lot worse
  7. Glenn Allerton speaks very highly of him, although Terry is both a financial sponsor and a provider of suspensions services to the Valvoline team. Still - Terry, Glenn says nice things about you.

    Australian Motorcycle News have also had lots of nice things to say about him over a long period of time.