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Good summer gloves?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Spots, Jul 5, 2011.

  1. Preamble:
    So, since I moved to Brisbane I've been using a pair of Teknic Violator vented/summer gloves to survive the ridiculous glove-destroying hand-melting humidity which prevails most of the time up here. They were great gloves for summer heat; vented finger sliders, airblade knuckle thingy, metal mesh across the back of the glove, etc! And I was confident they's protect me in a crash, too.

    After sixteen months (4 months longer than the 12 month warranty), one of the palm leathers inexplicably as a hole in it. It's not even a busted seam. :|

    This disappoints me, to understate things a little, 'cause (1) they were pretty expensive, (2) my cheap Alpinestars Drystar gloves survived five years and 90,000km in all weather conditions and (3) vented/summer gloves that aren't made out of what appears to be perforated polo-shirt material seem impossible to find.

    And all the overseas websites seem to think 25*C and 30% humidity is "summer". :|

    The Question:
    So tell me, Netriders: Can you give me examples of summer/vented/mesh riding gloves which are breezy and durable?

    Money is no object (well, mostly), I just want them to protect in a crash, flow heaps of air and not fall apart through normal use. Bonus points for scaphoid sliders and full gauntlets.

    (Edit: Of course, now that my nerdrage has subsided a little I've found the Search button, but ohwell. :D Feel free to give suggestions anyway while I peruse the other threads)
  2. +1, was about to ask this very same question. My DriRider (aero?) gloves are shagged after just 12 months. Split seam, all the knuckle protection is failing. I dont mind paying good coin if they will last. I used my gloves everyday.
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  4. I have a pair of DriRider RallyXcross pro, awesome for summer, no good for winter though, freezing my hands off at the moment... Good knuckle and palm protection, and reasonably cheap.
  5. I've had a pair of Berik Sport/City gloves for about 14 months now and I love them to bits. I'll be replacing them with another pair when they wear out. Still in excellent condition.

  6. the RJAYS (not sure what model) cheapish gloves for i think 60 bucks are good for summer, have carbon fiber main knuckles and vents just in front.

    really shit for winter tho...im using them now and theyre ****ed at 530 am on the way to work....

    defo summer gloves, and the vents work mad
  7. I've perforated leather gloves from some generic brand which are excellent. I prefer short gloves for warm days which are easy to take off and wear.

    Planning to get THESE before summer

    EXACTLY the same problem here with my DriRider Winter gloves. But a very EASY fix: invest in a pair of glove liners (LINK). They are PolyPro and are really helpful in creating that extra layer without bulking up the gloves.

    Or if you are too cold, get Merino Wool Gloves (LINK). There are other brands as well that make Merino Wool Glove Liners (mainly Ice Beaker) and that link is HERE.

    Hope this helps. Another handy thing is that the main gloves dont stink as you can just take the liners out and wash them!
  8. Spidi race vent.....

    /end thread
  9. The takamii gloves are good in summer up here I think,especially if you want the protection factor. I'm going to try to open up some of the vents a little more come summer (too cold now), but otherwise they are OK. I've worn them year round this year with no real issues.
  10. RJays Pursuit II are the best summer/commuting gloves I've used, I'm about to buy my second pair, you can pick them up form AMX for around $50. If money is no object there's probably better ones, but for the price, these are killer.

  11. if money is no object, the best for summer, based on comfort and feel. they do have schaphoid protection too though . but try them on for size. you can also buy direct from spidi online.

    i don't like mesh gloves, don't see the point of them. don't particularly like perforated leather in a glove either, unless it's between the fingers.

    i have a pair of joe rocket speedmaster which i like for summer. don't know why but they don't seem to get hot. they suck when it's cold out though. have scaphoid protection. unlined glove and offer very good feel. (good not great like spidi ) but half the price. they can be found online quite cheap usually 100-120 bucks maybe. sizing is neutral. the gauntlet is a tight fit though and fine under a leather jacket but won't fit over a leather sleeve. good squid gloves for really really hot days if you skip the jacket.

    there is also a shorty summer glove by rs taichi that is heavilly armoured, incl palm sliders. SPTG should stock them. probably around 100 bucks.

    these from velocity gear are also well made. have a liner but dose'nt get clingy and they still vent reasonably well, uses knox sliders http://www.highvelocitygear.com/exhibitionpro.htm
    i have a pair of those, excellent quality, but for the velcro which wore out about a year in and had to be replaced. they have seen a lot of use though.

    these, i have'nt owned, but get very favorable reviews. heavilly armored gloves and very ruggedly made. most of upper range stuff uses knox sliders . just don't know how well they floiw air http://www.komodogear.com/store/motorcycle-race-gloves/

    favorites are the joe rockets even though quality is not on par with the others, just like them
  12. Riders discount has the Spidi's for about 170AUD shipped. Mine are awesome - had them a few years, still in fantastic condition and I almost wear them year round.
  13. bargain you won't regret indeed
  14. these are similar to what i have, but theres vents on mine....

    good gloves but u pay for what u get, only had them and the bike since november 2010 and the leather is peeling where u pull to put them on...

    if ur really keen, and have the money, my mates use motogp style race gloves,

    got all the venting, lightweight but durable shit on them.... Alpinestars would be best i reckon.

    but if ur cheap like me.... rjays will do just fine. just save for a years time when u have to buy another pair lol](*,)

  15. My first pair lasted around a year of commuting & weekend riding, I really like the amount of feel you get from them, but they do trade off protection for comfort, especially seeing as they are cuffless. Great for commuting or bar hopping though.

    I have some A* S1 gloves as well, but Rjays are heaps cheaper & more comfortable.
  16. I've beaten a pair of icon pursuits through the last year and a half.


    First pair of perf gloves so idk if the non perf would be better but I've stretched the leather (talking enough for it to be stretched where the velcro to close it barely cuts it anymore) around the wrist from trying to put em on just after taking em off.Also worked up an awesome tan from where the gloves cut off.

  17. Those merino ones look nice and warm, got some crappy synthetic inners at the moment, not really much chop. Will definitely check these out. Cheers!
  18. I bought Ice Breaker ones (The thickest category @ 320) which are meant for cool to cold weather conditions and they were @ $32 (down from $40). Been using them for the last 3 days and IMO, the best $32 I ever spent on glove liners. They are available from Paddy Palin shops. Not sure where you are from but check the Ice Breaker website and find the closes stockist in your state. Same price as Kathmandu but quality wise - much much better.

    I will never go back to those el cheapo polyester glove liners now after I've felt merino wool warmth and softness. :D
  19. main thing to consider with gloves is will they stay on your hands in an unfortunate event. if they fasten securely and you can't pull them off. because if you can get them of without unfastenning. then guaranteed they won't stay on if you tack a wack in traffic.
    therefore, there was'nt much point wearing them in the first place.