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good sports bike for women?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by irachi, May 9, 2009.

  1. Hi all,
    I am looking to purchase a new bike once off my restricted licence. Want a sports bike, have a ZX2R now, but looking for something more upright. My issue is that like a lot of women, I am short & have difficulty with height of bikes . I want something that is at least a 600. Have looked at a few yamaha's and suzuki's online. But not sure which way to go. Any suggestions or advice??

  2. im not familiar with too many bikes, so ill just offer...

    go sit on them. that way you can see exactly how much room/height there is :)
  3. Buells have a sub 800mm seat height
  4. A lot of sports bikes can be lowered from their stock height. It would also help us suggest if we knew roughly your height.
  5. yeah, a pic would be useful :wink:
  6. Im not the tallest guy at 172cm so im looking for a 600 with a lowish seat height and in the supersport class i've found that the gixxer has a seat height of 810mm which is the lowest i've found so far. ZX6R 820mm, CBR600RR 820mm, Daytona 675 825mm but i haven't sat on any except for the 848 which has a seat height of 830mm and i could get both feet touching but not fully on the ground like i can on the ninja 250 but it also depends how long your legs are.

    I always liked the daytona 675 and cbr because they seem to be the lightest but as said before you have to find what suits you.
  7. thanks for the info so far.
    I am about 160cm tall (so very short).
    I am looking at models like:

    Wasn't sure if sales assistants are really happy to let people go in and sit on bikes.....
  8. I'm 165cm and I can't flat foot on my z750 (the er6f is lower) and I have pretty long legs.

    Suzuki's are low, I can flat foot (knees slightly bent) on a 07 gsxr1000.

    you do get used to not being able to not touch the ground, it just takes practice and some planning when you park.
  9. My sister's about your height and finds my friend's Street Triple workable. Presumably the Daytona has the same or very similar configuration.
  10. You can ride anything you want, if you're prepared to lower it.

    Have seen a very short gal riding a cbr1000rr at the track, it was seriously lowered.
  11. If you grab a recent bike mag you'll also see ads from BMW offering factory lowered bikes. I think the F800S is 760mm.
  12. Wiki says the ninja 250r has a seat height of 78cm so i guess 50mm is a bit of a difference. Seems like you have done a fair bit of research into it.

    Maybe it would be wise to look the bikes from the overall feel of the bike that you get when your sitting on them, rather than looking at seat height numbers.
  13. I do my research and then i go out and sit on them and see what fits best but with working full time and studying part time i don't get too much of a chance. I found the 848's seat not too high but a bit wide, i guess anything would take a bit of getting used to coming off the 250
  14. Seat heights only tell half the story it depends on how wide the seats are aswell. The skinnier the seat the easier it is get the feet down. I am pretty short and can get my feet down very well on the street triple even with a 805 mm seat height because its a very slim bike
  15. Any sales person who wants to sell you something would be stupid not to let you sit on a potential purchases, as you would be stupid to buy something you haven't at least swung a leg over. Most will be more than happy, and if not, go somewhere else.

    From your list, and saying you want something "more upright" I'm assuming we can stop talking about the GSXR*/CBR*RR/ZX*R/R*/Daytona bunch of weapons - unless you want to go down the handlebar riser path. Assuming also that you are set on a brand spanker rather than used.

    Go shopping, see what you can find to sit on, if one feels right, ask to arrange a test ride. If that dealer can't/won't, get on the phone and find one that will.
  16. i know i will have to test ride & try out...
    but won't get full unrestricted licence for a while... don't want to waste their time thats all!
  17. listen very carefully to the following sentence:

    Honda Hornet 600

    Buy it.
  18. Yeah, my Mrs is fairly short too, and looking, and we had a look at a 900 hornet yesterday and it would fit her fine.

    edgelett's exactly right sizewise, and also in terms of what you're looking for: you said 'sports-bike' in the title but also want something with a more uprigth seating position. The Hornet has loads of power if you want it, and handles well, but it also comfortable and a bit more upright.
  19. dont rule out supersports either.

    If you find the seat height and the pegs comfortable, remember that it is every easy and cheap to put on risers and a set of renthal bars or similar.
  20. Hmm, all the shorties, of the OP's rough height, I know can't touch the ground at all on my Hornet. As everyone's said, just go and sit on them.