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Good smash repairer around sydney

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by hph, Sep 20, 2008.

  1. Can some one please advice on a good bike smash repairer aound south west sydney way.

    This is the second way the r1 has been backed into in the past 2 months. My bike was parked in a designated parking bay which was clearly marked outside of my work premises this morning. Even though the bike was not obstructed and without cars parked to either side of it this honda prelude driver decided to reverse into the spot and caused the bike to drop. Damage so far is bent clutch lever , broken front cowling, cracked tailpiece, cracked headlamp cover. Luckily for me this time around I was able to witness the whole thing and managed to run out in time and prevented him from leaving the scene unlike the previous occasion.

    The bike is comprehensively insured with insuremyride, are the procedures identical to making claim for cars such as getting multiple quotes etc ?
  2. Maybe ask the insurance company???

    They may also have preferred or recommended repairers in your area that gets your bike fixed faster.

    See who they recommend, then look for some reviews of their work.

    MMT at Granville [East St] did good work when I binned the 250.

    Crows in Sutherland Shire/Beverley Hills are the gods of fairing and paint repairs.
  3. smash repairer

    Got in touch with insuremyride this morning and have just received call from collideascope. They will come and pick up the bike this week.
    Any one dealt with this company before ?
  4. Are they the guys from hornsby? If so, one of my mates got a bike resprayed there after some others tried. He's a very picky guy, and he was very impressed with the spray job they did for him.
  5. Re: smash repairer

    i have twice. very good work.