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good site to buy HID's lights

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by ibanezboy21, Nov 15, 2010.

  1. anyone know a good site to buy them relatively cheap?
    i was thinking of getting some from DDM tuning but their charging $60 for just postage...

  2. As with all these HID threads in the past I'll simply remind the OP that fitting HID's to any vehicle not properly set up for it is illegal and could render your vehicle unroadworthy and as a result your insurance invalid should you bin it at some stage.

    (if you get caught).
  3. eBay? (for offroad use only of course)
  4. www.delonixradar.com.au is where I got mine from, I can highly recommend them.

    Great service, great product, great price.

    Illegal, yes, a lot safer, yes. I can actually see at night now.
  5. isnt that like most mods?

    fender eliminators, integrated tail lights, crash knobs etc?
  6. What makes it illegal? sorry for the noob question :p
  7. They blind/dazzle other drivers because they dont have a cutoff
  8. Under the road rules, lights must not be fitted that may dazzle other road users. Even if you bought the correct projector setup, no copper will pass up the chance to defect you for it.
  9. Defect notice : definitely
    Insurance defunct : probably not, read your PDS, most of the time it says that if the modification CAUSED the accident, then you are uninsured
    If you low side during the day with no cars around you, I doubt they can screw you for that.
  10. What's a cutoff?

    They still have a hi/lo beam, same as a standard light, just a lot brighter & more efficient... (Edit: depending on the globe type, mine is a H4, hi/lo in the same globe)

    They are illegal to install in a vehicle that did not originally come with them (](*,)) as to the reason why, who knows?

    Stupid law.
  11. Back on topic, I never answered the original question.

    DDM tuning have a good/bad reputation. This is because of how many actual orders they complete. I think you'll find that they use cheap Chinese parts, but then again pretty much all kits use cheap Chinese parts.
    The best advice I can give you is to go with a local supplier (Australian sold, not necessarily Australian made) because so much can go wrong with HIDs.
    Ballasts are painfully delicate things and you'll find that the return procedure with DDM is VERY painful. I believe a chap on ebay named Bikemonkey sells HID kits for around 2 hundo. Local Aussie guy, has a proper www as well.

    Good luck!
  12. Try kryptonbulbs.com or something to that effect.

    I bought an h7 5000k hid and an h4 bi xennon kit for my two bikes.

    -Prices were cheaper than ddm. Not by that much though
    -Apparently better products using different voltage thing a/c vs d/c for the ballast. Or was it other way round.
    -Quick replies to emails
    -fast delivery
  13. Nice find mr_messy, thank you
  14. If you've ever had a car or bike behind you with incorrectly operating HID's you'll know why.

    It's like they're on high beam even when switched to low beam.

    The last thing you want to do is blind an oncoming car as there's a good chance it might just hit you head on.
  15. Here's a tip.
    Check te electrical set up on your bike to ensure that the headight switch is running a realy, with the lights themselves wired via the relay direct to teh battery.

    Some older bikes (and possibly cheaper new ones) have all the current running through the tiny wires of the headlight switch. Not only do you lose LOT of current this way but ca also burn out your switch.

    If this is teh case with your bike, po a elay set up in and night will turn to day (well, it'll be a LOT brighter even with the standard lights).

  16. What a lot of rubbish in this thread. If you take five minutes to adjust the headlights after you install a HID conversion, there are NO issues with glare.:nopity: Any headlamp will still have a cutoff with HID's, the HID's lamp is in the same position near enough as the old halogen, so minor adjustment will bring the existing lens and reflector's original cutoff into play again.
    You guys claiming HID's are illegal (and they are) best remove EVERY non factory mod on your bikes, because they too are illegal and will earn a defect.
    I've fitted HID's to two motorcycles now and what has truly amazed me is this: after fitting the HID's. the incidence of people pulling out in front of me, cutting me off or changing lanes into me has dropped to ZERO. I commute almost daily on my bike, I notice these things.
    **** laws, **** other road users who don't give a shit as to my existence. I'll take that improvement. And then there is the massive improvement in night lighting......I haven't seen a single car/bike/truck spear off the road and burst into flames because of the HID's on my bikes. I have to wonder if those spouting "information" on HID's have actually had a damn thing to do with them at all. I should also mention that for the last four years, both HID equipped bikes have passed rego inspections with no issue either, so don't think they'll get upset about them come inspection time either.
    But hey, go buy those $200 levers, I'm sure they'll help you avoid an accident!
    I'll use these instead:

    As for where to buy, I buy from these guys: www.vvme.com.
  17. ha this thread still active, installed my HIDS like 4months ago lol
    anyways i think every bike should have these standard, such a HUGE difference at night,
    with my normal ones i can barely see whats in front of me.

  18. So who did you buy the HID's From?https://netrider.net.au/forums/images/smilies/eusa_think.gif