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Good shops to visit in Sydney

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by Qualos, Mar 24, 2008.

  1. Hi all,

    I am coming down to Sydney this week for a holiday/work for a few days and would like to visit some pretty good accessory shops.

    I am mainly looking to get some Draggin jeans, a new helmet (I am thinking of getting a BMW System 5 flip lid, but would like to have a look at a good range as well) and would also like to order or get the Honda Panniers to suit my VFR.

    I am going to St Peters to look at the BMW helmet, but anywhere in Sydney is fine. I am staying at Parramatta.

    Any suggestions?

  2. try MCA,S in parramatta you also have ACTIONS and BIKEBIZ within 2 min walk
  3. Thanks I will give them a visit
  4. MCAS, (Motorcycle Accessories Supermarket) would be the biggest re-seller of stuff in Sydney. If you can't get it at MCAS, it probably doesn't exist. The people at Ventura told me I couldn't get genuine replacement rack bolts, the ones with the holes for the little tool you carry; MCAS had heaps of 'em.....
  5. And team moto (kawasaki) shop down the road a bit.
  6. Thanks again, sounds like I wont have to go too far to spend heaps of money :) I was going to take my bike down, but will take the car to fit everything in to bring back :cool:

    Unless I ride down naked with the missus on the back to help carry stuff back. But if the panniers are in stock, she may have to walk home
  7. Travelled around a bit and some good gear.

    Spent about $7,000 :twisted:

    2 x Shoei helmets Multitech for me and a TZR for the wife +dark tint visor s
    2 x Blueant bluetooths
    Dainese leather jacket
    Dainese back protector
    Alpinestar Jacket for the wife
    Alpinestar gloves for the wife
    Ventura rack system
    Metzeler Roadtech Z6 rear tyre (put a hole in my new bike tyre already)
    Alarmed disc lock
    3 x Pairs Draggin jeans
    Tank protector sticker

    Cant wait to get the staintunes on :)
  8. wow, did u manage to get any discounts?
  9. Some shops offered very little and some were great. All up I saved about $800, majority was from one store.

    Best service I got was from Procycles @ St Peters and Sydney City Motorcycles @ Lanecove.

    Action was too hard for them and MCA's I was disapointed with, great range but they treated me like I was kicking tyres. Their loss not mine
  10. Everything is too hard for Action. MCA was the Parra store? I'm not sure how they're run but I always receive fantastic help from the Sydney shop but my experience at Parramatta is much the same as yours.

    This has been the case over many years and probably 30 odd visits between them...strange. :?
  11. Yeah Parra MCA store, good range but just not really interested in helping. Too hard to get jackets down from the top shelf.