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Good shop VIC for learners gear

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Masakali, Jan 24, 2012.

  1. I have just got my learners and after some good shops to check out for my gear.

    I have looked at the Honda dealers, and they are only offering only 10% off gear, despite me buying $1600 of gear abd a bike off them.

    Are there any better shops out there? Or is this pretty much as good as it gets?

  2. Also try bikemart in Ringwood or the peter stevens clearance centres.
    Should be able to get kitted out for under $1000
  3. Aldi Maribryinong had 2 size 'M' leather jackets for $79 last week, dunno how small you are tho. Takami sells kvlar jeans on here, maybe PM him, he also sells gloves and alot of people here think highly of th equality fo goods, I have the jeans he supplies and reckon theyre great.
  4. Bikers Gear Australia http://www.bikersgearaustralia.com.au
    They have a shop in Melb you can pick up from but not sure if it's a shop you can walk in and try on. I've bought a few items from them online and had shipped.
  5. burwood hwy ferntreegully good stuf great prices
  6. I've walked in there and bought plenty of stuff! Full set of leathers $550, winter jacket$169, mesh summer jacket $139 and boots $139.
  7. yeah that place is awesome never had a bad experience there
  8. How do their gear compared to the big brands, I'm not fussed about looks, mainly comfort.
  9. ok i gues ive not had a problem and my wife says i look hot in the leathers
  10. I am oversized and most brand names I need 2XL/3XL where the arms are too long, bikersgear is XL so arms are better. Good leather I have pants and jacket no issues and I feel safe
  11. I've been happy with everything I've bought from them - both quality and comfort. I'd buy from them again.
  12. Hot as in hot, sweaty, stinky
    Hot as in come get me like a funked up sex machine?
  13. Their stuff is great quality and they manufacture it themselves. As far as fit goes, they can custom stuff too. I was there when this guy picked up his 10XL summer jacket! He was a big boy! Their kevlar jeans are great and have 30% more kevlar than Draggin at 1/3 the price.
  14. +1, they have a shop in furntree gully and Phillip island.. been to both and they have a good range and yes you can try stuff on, i got a new leather jacket from them a couple of months ago.