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good service in melbourne

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Clueless (but learning!), Sep 30, 2004.

  1. hey guys - am thinking of taking the snot machine into Dynobike at Moorabbin to give it a good service - has anyone heard anything about them - are they ok?

    or anybody know any good bike mechanics down my way (st kilda) or around it somewhere. thanx!
  2. I have only ever taken my bike to Pablos which are just near the off ramp of Ferntree Gully Rd on the Monash freeway. Never heard any complaints about them.
  3. I've used www.centralmotorcycles.com.au which is in Huntingdale - about a 15 minute trip from St. Kilda. It's a small local shop, but run by 2 honest people who won't try to give you a run-around. Because they are small you have to check their 'schedule' if you need your bike back quickly, but most times it is not an issue.
  4. Hey there Clueless! :D I used Dynobike to have my beautiful thumping Honda V-twin dream machine dyno'd and jetted. Was very happy with the service, advice and the work done was top rate. I get my normal servicing done by Jeffreys honda in FTG as i have a great relationship with those guys that goes back many years. They don't have dyno gear so thats why I went to Dynobike. However, I have another mate who uses the Dyno guys regularly and he has been very happy indeed. They have been around for ages so that has to be a good sign too.

    Good luck and happy cyclin' 8)

  5. I got mine serviced at Phil Tainton, thanks to advice of cnstr. He also dyno'ed my bike for me for free, and gave me a discount on the badly needed service. :D
  6. Brighton Kawasaki nepean hwy ,
  7. same here!
    as a Kwaka rider, I support my local dealer -living 2 kms away is a help :LOL:
    they look after me (and some of my mates too)
    they do other makes as well, but obviously specialize in Kawasaki

  8. Peter Steven Nth Melbourne. ALways had good service from these guys.

    Used Dynobike for my major because they had a dyno, no real dramas but they didn't balance the starter values so the bike started poorly IMO and didn't replace the rear brake fluid (was in dire need of fresh oil). Also didn't lube any pivot points as would be expected in a major. Brought it back and they were happy to do the valves and oil, I couldn't be bothered mentioning the lube. I'm a picky bastard though so others may not be so pedantic as me. I've heard more good than bad about them, so maybe it's just me.

  9. Cost came in at just under $400 mate. The extra 6.5hp was free as too was the much smoother power delivery. Well worth it I say. :D Thats a full jet kit, install and dyno with charts.

  10. GSX14 happy to stay in my own backyard! pmsl!