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Good service from Springwood Suzuki

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by scottomcgotto, Oct 10, 2005.

  1. I was in Springwood Suzuki up here in Brisbane on Friday having a bit of a look around. Anyway, it was a mighty hot day and I had just walked all the way from the bottom end of Moss Street so it was time for a drink in the cafe. I grabbed a Pepsi and was horrified at the price, $3, but was well worth it.

    Anyway I had over a $10 note and get $2 change... :shock: what? $8 for a Pepsi? I think not. Anyway I suggested that I had been ripped off, but the serving lady insisted that I had only given her a $5 note. Ah well what can I do, it's my word against hers and she has the key to the till. Just as I'm about it write it off as experience, she asks for my number, so that if she counts the till at the end of the day and it's over she'll call me and I can come and get my money back. OK I said (thinking to myself... yeah right).

    Anyway, I'm not surprised not to have heard back by 8pm Friday night, "It's just money" I tell myself and trundle off to bed.

    9am Saturday morning I get a call, "I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to count the till until late last night, but I found we were about $5 over, so if you like you can come back and grab it, or we will give you a $5 credit next time you are in" :shock: :shock: \:D/ I don’t believe it, people that were actually honest. I really appreciate what they did, its tough to admit you’re wrong, but knowing that, I am definitely more likely to make a large purchase with a company that has that ethic. Well done Springwood Suzuki!!
  2. It's a good feeling when people are honest.

    I had a lady clip my mirror when I parked the bike today at Yarra Glen, and she got the Bendigo Bank to pop a note on the bike.

    I walk up to the bike and think "Oh shit, I have got a ticket", but no, a post it note saying that someone had hit it.

    And low and behold, the lady hung around for about 40 mins until I came back to the bike, and was very apologetic.

    She had clipped the mirror and had just nocked the screw loose.

    She was very happy that there was no major damage and that I thanked her for her honesty :)

  3. good to hear of her honesty, people with a clue often leave the note sitting on the till while grabbing the change, then when the transactions over they put the note in the till, solves the problem of trying to remember what the note was. :idea:
  4. if you walk 30m to the shop up the road the food and drinks are half the price :)

    good for honesty..

    did janine in workshop talk your ear off? she's a nice lady..
  5. Honesty is not just the best policy, it's the ONLY policy.