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Good service experiences

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by icemaker, Mar 19, 2015.

  1. After recently bagging out a business for poor service I thought I'd balance that out with a recent awesome service story.

    Having a Rev'it jacket and planning on doing a few track days in the future, I went online shopping for some leather pants. Not many retailers really stock them locally and I only found a couple of stores but they were out of my size so I jumped on the official Rev'it Australia website to find more dealers. Good news is that they sold online direct, bad news is they were the most expensive. Then I stumbled across a promotion they are running that they will price match any price internationally including delivery but had to be an approved retailer.

    Ive bought stuff from Germany before and they have good prices and small delivery fees so I started Googling.
    Found a pair of Rev'it GT-R leather pants for A$432 from a German online store and on the aussie Rev'it website they retail for $589. I emailed them and sent em the link at about 10pm thinking 'nah their not gonna do this, its over $150 cheaper'.

    6:30am got an email back from a chap called Tony and said no worries, I just had to buy em online and attention him and state the price match in the comments and he will sort out the price. So I did that and by 8:30am was told they got shipped out. You bloody beauty!!
    I thought it was a great promotion and very prompt service, super happy.
  2. Website linky for Rev'it??
  3. Website linky for Rev'it??
  4. http://www.revitaustralia.com.au
    The jacket I own is good quality and the gloves I lost at Maccas on the Oxley trip were great as well, both Rev'it
  5. Just wanna give the guys at RevĂ­t Australia another positive rap for their service.

    The zipper on the above mentioned GTR leather pants busted and I emailed them with photos etc.
    Got an email back the next day giving me the option of sending them back to get fixed or for me to take them to a local guy and they will pay me back what it cost to fix.
    So I chose the latter and got the nice fella at City Mode Leather in Wollongong (recommend this guy too) to fix them up.

    Scanned the receipt and forwarded it on to Rev'it and again they responded very quickly asking me to confirm if the card I used to purchase is still valid so they could transfer the funds to me that way. I had a very busy week so I hadn't replied to the email for a couple of days so they emailed me again and even called me to see if I had a chance to check the card details so they could transfer the funds. I mean how many businesses chase you to GIVE you money!!

    I confirmed the details last night and first thing this morning got an email back saying funds have been transferred. How good is that?
    I have no affiliation with them whatsoever other than being a customer and I just thought Id share my positive experience.
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  6. Always good to hear of people's positive service stories. As a species we are always more likely to complain than to spread good news.
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  7. Yesterday I had another good experience with Bike Biz (Granville for Kawasaki etc). I get my bike serviced there as they are a Kawasaki Dealer and have always received good service. On Thursday afternoon I phone up for new Tyres, they had a great deal on some Dunlop Q3s. I dropped my wheels (Taken off the bike) first thing in the morning, they said they would call when they were done. When I asked if they could be ready by lunch time, they weren't sure but said they would try. I was expecting a call later in the day to tell me that they would be ready by the afternoon, but they phoned at about 10:30 to say they were ready to pick up.

    After shopping on the internet and finding that they had a very good price, and only giving them short notice to fit and balance the tires, I was very pleased to hear that they were ready so soon.

    So a shout out to Bike Biz, thanks guys, I always get very good service, keep up the good work.
  8. Brad Morris, the workshop manager is a very good guy. He knows what a fussy prick I am and yet goes above and beyond to accommodate my requirements.
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  9. You and me both.
  10. For my last service and just recently a new tyres I used Riding Rubber I was really happy with the service, and price for tyres was very good. The workshop is spotless and not hidden away you can actually relax on the couches and view your bike being worked on. (y)