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Good Samaritans

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by johnnydelva, Jun 23, 2007.

  1. Welll today went for a ride to see something on old geelong rd, hoppers crossing... got to my destination and turned into the driveway of the shop and... SLAM... I'm on the ground... bit shocked that i am all of a sudden on the ground. get up and feel a little embrassed... looked over and there was my problem.. gravel!!! Some guys in a car and another motorcycle came to my rescue... asked if i was okay... and all was good (leather jacket and draggin jeans)... i think his name was Barry (sorry mate... if i forgot your name, buy you know who you are)... the only damage was a broken gear leaver (thankful i put on oggy knobbs)... his wife Lyn (i think) also came down and checked it... we decide to drill a whole and put in a bolt as a temp solution to get me home (clayton south)... went back to their place which was just up the road.. all done and rode home...

    I am forever grateful to these guys... i was on the otherside of the city and had no way of getting home..
  2. You broke off a gear lever going carpark speed? Damnn inferior suzuki build quality ;)

    It's always good when people restore your faith in society and actually get out of their own little bubbles and help strangers out.
  3. Can you post a pic of the temporary hole and bolt arrangement ???

    That i'd like to see !!!
  4. which driveway did you turn into?

    Just so I know to avoid it.
  5. I was rideing to a funeral a while back and stopped at a local servo to get fuel, bike wouldnt start again because of a flat battery and while I stood there watching all the other bikes heading down the highway to the funeral and was trying to work out what to do the two woman who worked in the servo (both in there 40s) came over and offered to push start me...

    so there is some nice people out there who are prepared to help...

    (note to self.... drop some chocolates off to the servo ladys)
  6. sorta OT, but we (works) are no longer allowed to help stricken motorists of any type.
    our tassie crew helped out a bogged vehicle, who had no other hope of recovery (unless a crane was employed) and upon recovering the vehicle, the owner went home, evaluated some damage to the vehicle and sent a (solicitor letterhead) 5-10k bill to works for damages incurred during the recovery process.

    this is why people tend not to stop so much anymore.

    i still do though, i'm the golden boy at work and can do no wrong :p
  7. hey man... is your GSR red? and did you go through the lights near bunnings with 2 guys on cruisers at around 3-330 yesterday afternoon? i saw the bike. not many of them around yet. would be interested in hearing ehat you think of the bike....
  8. Yeah that was probably me, don't recall a bunnings, but there was a mcdonalds 100 up ahead... they were the two people who helped me out... bike is good, actually i love it, little twitchy on the throttle sometimes in low revs... obviously driver error... will post pic when i find my damn camera... i do think the bolt works better then gear lever... thinner... :)
  9. When I stacked my bike last year I had to do the same thing. I just drilled and taped a 6mm thread into the gear lever and put a 6mm high tensile bolt in it.
  10. yeah, gotta love good samaritans... i slipped on wet tram tracks once and had my leg pinned under my bike. Some nice people ran onto the road to flag down traffic to stop and help me get out and up. Even helped push my bike to the side too!
    Then again, about 2 months later a car pulled in front of me then stopped, causing me to quick stop but fell off instead of ramming into his car. About 15 people at the tram stop next to this and no one gave a FU...

    hoo raa for good samaritans...
  11. I stopped to help a guy on a Suzuki at a Roundabout who'd also broken off his gear lever, the bit at the end, i bent the end of the lever out so he could ride it home.
  12. twitch might not be you mate, ive heard some bikes with fuel injection dont like low revs. just cain it a little more, it'll get rid of the probem haha.

    must have been you i saw, i remember looking at the bike and admiring cause you dont see many of them on the road.